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20 December 2006

US Invader Occupiers: Iraq Christmas Siege Shame ...

Hands up if you thought that mediaeval methods of civilian subjugation such as laying siege to whole communities had long since been consigned to the ancient history books.

Well, we have to tell you that if you held up your hand, you can now don a dunce's cap and go stand in a corner, and face the wall at the back of the class.

Sound horribly harsh? Especially, in the 21st century?

Seem ever so slightly uncivilized in these (allegedly), so enlightened times?

Then take a good look at this and see if you still think so.

At least eight children have died and seven women have had miscarriages in the town of al-Sinya which invading U.S. troops have put under siege for more than 50 days.
Not very nice, eh?

Neither is this.

The town's nearly 50,000 inhabitants are now without running water and food supplies are running dangerously low.

But the occupiers seem to be determined to proceed with their mass punishment and are turning away aid convoys.

Pregnant women are denied access to the maternity hospital in Baiji and many others now risk miscarriage.
Read the report for yourself right here.

And if you think that's bad -- you ain't seen or heard nothing yet.

That is, not unless you've recently gotten yourself over to fellow blogger Mark's mind blowing,
'Gorilla's Guides' -- which is where we first found out about this siege.

Along with, we might add, a helluva lot more awful (and authentic), reports coming in regularly from numerous 'boots-on-the-ground' sources over in Iraq.

But please be prepared ... since, as we've previously stated ... you ain't seen nothing yet.

And be warned as well;Mark pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.

The season of goodwill, eh?

Peace on earth and all that sort of stuff, eh?


Well, will you tell that to the shits running this shocking, Christmas 'siege-show' -- or shall we?

What's that?

We should?

Okay, then.

Consider it done.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Babies? Kids? Women? Aged? Crippled? Sick?

Makes no difference to war criminals. They'll kill anyone as soon as look at them. Their end justifies the means.

Remember this?

US charges over Haditha killings

The official US version differs widely from that of locals and the media
The US military is to announce charges against a group of marines accused of killing Iraqi civilians in Haditha.
Twenty-four men, women and children died in the incident in November 2005.

The US military initially said they were killed in a roadside blast and exchange of fire but subsequent reports alleged the US soldiers killed them.

What's the betting the guilty will walk? Again.

10:15 am  
Blogger erdla said...

Richard Thankyou.

Mark left for Iraq on the 17th he hopes to be back on the 28th.

I've put a link to this posting in his database thereafter he will be back for maybe until the end of January then he go again.


6:24 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's not forget the Gaza-strip either, just because the Zionist owned and controlled giant media outlets, wants us to do that. They are under siege much longer, than 50 days.

9:12 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shame, shame and shame again. Shame on us all.

8:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sheesh! You're right. He doesn't pull his punches does he.

12:03 am  

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