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19 December 2006

Our Christmas Good Cause ...

Photo: Dominic.  Click to donate to NSE

Here's a good cause that's extremely close to This Old Brit's and Richard's hearts.

Can you help us help this cause this Christmas?

Click on Dominic's photo to donate to NSE today or to set up a regular donation. Dominic has severe epilepsy as well as learning disability. NSE strives to help families like Dominic's cope with epilepsy.

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NSE works in many ways to help people with epilepsy as well as their families, friends and carers.

Photo: Dominic.  Click to donate today


Dominic and Hamish are cousins. In 1999, when they were born, their parents were very excited, comparing notes on feeding, sleeping etc. At that time they had little idea of the sudden changes Dominic and his family would face, and how stark the contrast between two little boys would become.

When they were just 2 years old, as Hamish was starting to walk and talk, Dominic had his first seizure - he has had over 1500 since. Although some people have very infrequent seizures this is not the case for Dominic. His condition is complex and he needs 24 hour care.

Now, while Hamish never stops talking, Dominic does not speak. As Hamish plays football 25 times a month, Dominic has the equivalent number of seizures. Hamish plays with his big brother, and Dominic's big brother has learned to play on his own. The differences between the two boys grow as quickly as they do.

Could you give a helping hand to Dominic and his family and those like them, living with epilepsy, by contributing what you can to help NSE today?

Any donation will be gratefully received but here are some suggestions on ways you can help:

£10 donation - find out more about the helpline Could help pay for Dominic’s parents to access a confidential helpline whenever they want to talk to someone in confidence about his epilepsy.
£20 donation - find out more about epilepsy information Could provide Dominic’s parents with free information packs and regular up-to-date news on medical research.
£100 donation - find out more about training services Could provide first aid training in Dominic’s school so his teachers and peers are better equipped to help him.

Or make a regular donation...

£30 a month donation - find out more about EIN Would help fund an epilepsy information service so parents like Dominic’s could access local face-to-face information and support.
£50 a month donation - find out more about the research programme Will help fund a new research programme into the genetic causes of chronic epilepsy which could give everyone with epilepsy hope for the future that their condition can be improved.

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Thanks - a - million!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

It IS a good cause Richard, and you're a good man.

I should have known that you knew that it is better to give than to receive.

10:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A worthy cause indeed. Epilepsy is one those "Cinderella" causes. Not glamourous for the big charities. Good on you for helping them Old Brit. Have a very happy Christmas.

4:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you have an excellent Christmas celebration with your family, Richard.

Keep on keeping on. Goodonya.

10:15 pm  

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