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19 April 2005

Spooky ...

Tuesday 19th May 2005 - Cardinal Ratzinger became the new pope.

Because I'm agnostic, it doesn't mean too much to me. I don't give credence to clairvoyants and the like either, so their predictions cut no ice at all. But, sometimes there are things I honestly can't call anything but 'spooky!'

The night before the Vatican vote for Ratzinger, one of my favourite old films happened to be on TV again, so I watched. Remember "Midnight Cowboy"? Remember Dustin Hoffman's haunting portrayal of the sad, seedy Ratso? Hmmm. Ratso ....... Ratzinger. Well .... I'm just sayin' ..... that's all'.

A full half day before the white smoke & bell ringing began in Rome, I'd read an article on past papal-predictions. The piece, by an Irishman named Henry Kelly, appeared in a British national morning paper [Daily Mail] so must have been printed the previous night. It must have been researched and written considerably earlier.

As well as the usual [and expected] Nostradamus stuff, I learned for the first time of an Irish 'holy man' named Malachy -- who was born in county Armargh in 1094 -- ie:over 900+ years ago. Apparently, he was a 'seer' of some repute -- as well as a 'healer'. So many great & good things were claimed to have been done by him before he died, aged 56, in 1148 -- that he was later canonised by Pope Clement 3, some 42 years later in 1190.

Amongst Malachy's predictions were 112 papal prophecies. He said that's how many popes were [then] yet to come -- before the anti-Christ one arrived, to be the very last -- and that that's when Rome would 'fall'. It's claimed his papal forecasting record is surprisingly good since he began in 1143, with Pope Celestine.

Now, note this. Ratzinger, as Benedict XVI, becomes Pope number 111 -- meaning the next one is the last one -- according to Malachy.

The spookiness continues. The Irish holy man also wrote -- almost one millennium ago -- that this latest [and penultimate] Pope, would be: "Of the glory of the Olive". Hmmm. Spooookeee. The monks of the order of St Benedict are also known as --- Olivetans.

So, ............ I'm just sayin' ........................ over to you.

© 2005 Richard Morrison


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks, Richard. I'd heard there were some prophecies concerned with this, but hadn't seen what they were. They do seem spooky, almost as spooky as the man himself.

4:31 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Heh. Cue 'twilight zone' music, eh, Harper? Tell you what though, imagine bumping into him in a dark alley. On second thoughts -- don't! ;^)

4:52 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's not as if the Pope is ignorant of the prophecies of St Malachy ; he could certainly have picked the name with that in mind. We need independent, verifiable, proof. ;-)

6:18 am  
Blogger Richard said...

I'm positive he's well aware. Strange then, is that he should help things along as it were. He must also know the prediction says, after the 'Olivetan' comes the antiChrist - then the 'fall' of Rome.
So, wouldn't you have thought the 'Olivetan' name, Benedict, would be the 'last' one he'd choose? To try showing how wrong Malachy was?
Still, I should worry - not. The fewer the the relious mega-corporations, the better, in my book. Vatican Inc, going under, wouldn't cause me to lose a single 'wink' of sleep.
'Bout time it's temple's tables were turned over, I'd say. Know what I mean?

11:17 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unless, of course, the Pope actually wants the Second Coming to occur soon, which is not impossible, I suppose. Then he might be quite happy to help immanentize the eschaton.

2:16 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Hmm. Maybe it's just his little joke. The world's just been enlighted, at least a teensy-weensy bit more. He's got "a sense of humour". Hmph! Well, ha, bloody, ha! Eh? ;^)

5:46 pm  

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