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07 October 2008

A Little Bit About Lehman Brothers' 'Horrible' Richard Fuld ...

What we see above is what we've got.

He's a poxy, predatory opportunist prick called
Richard Fuld.

He's been robbing the poor to give to the rich.

And so far, it seems this ghoul's going to get away with it.

So what we want to know is why?

How the hell can this sort of shameful stuff be allowed to happen?

Lehman Bros head took home $300m

The head of failed US investment bank
Lehman Brothers has told Congress that he took home about $300m in pay and bonuses over the past eight years.

Richard Fuld, whose firm went bankrupt last month, made the statement during testimony before the
House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.


Mr [Henry] Waxman also criticised Mr Fuld for requesting multi-million dollar bonuses for departing executives just days before last month's collapse.

"In other words," he added, "even as Mr Fuld was pleading with
[Treasury] Secretary [Henry] Paulson for a federal rescue, Lehman continued to squander millions on executive compensation."
Still, not to worry too much though. We suppose things could be worse.

After all, this fat-cat, Fuld f*cker, did have the decency to declare ....

"I feel horrible about what happened,"
Read the rest of this outrageous report right here.

Then hope as hard as we're hoping that before long we'll be able to switch the shot of the shyster shown above, to the shot shown below.

But, beware of holding your breath.

No matter who replaces G.W. Bush as president of the US.

*(Cross posted across at 'appletree')

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This pig has no soul. You can see that when you look into his eyes.

8:40 pm  
Anonymous gordo said...

Looks like you aren't the only one who's upset with Mr. Fuld:

"Following rumours that the incident had occurred, Vicki Ward, a US journalist, said 'two very senior sources - one incredibly senior source' had confirmed it to her. 'He went to the gym after ... Lehman was announced as going under,' she told CNBC. 'He was on a treadmill with a heart monitor on. Someone was in the corner, pumping iron and he walked over and he knocked him out cold. And frankly after having watched [Mr Fuld's testimony to the committee], I'd have done the same too.'"

10:07 pm  

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