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03 October 2008

McCain sinking fast

McCain isn't very happy about the way the campaign is going

Some good news from America:

The McCain campaign is abandoning Michigan, which means that they have virtually no chance of winning any of the states won by Kerry in 2004. That means Obama can win by taking Ohio or Florida, or any two of the new battleground states (Virginia, Missouri, Indiana, and North Carolina).

The folks at 538 have Obama ahead in Virginia, Ohio, and Florida.

And it might get worse for McCain before it gets better: a CNN poll taken just after the Biden-Palin debate says that 51% were more impressed with Biden, while 36% thought Palin won the debate. That's despite the fact that 84% said Palin did better than they expected. Also, 87% said that Biden is qualified to be president, while only 42% say Palin is qualified.

One last note: Obama is not the kind of candidate that you want to fall behind. As Clinton found, he's not a guy who is likely to make a mistake that will give you an opportunity to get back in the game.

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