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27 September 2008

A little bit about our latest lot of Turkish travels ...


Hands up who here (honestly), hasn't ever hankered to show off ... sorta ... at least every once in a while?

So take a little look at what we won when we 'showed' the snapshot below.

And while we're on the subject ... of photography that is ... for those with the time and/or slightest interest, here's a few photos we took on our most recent Turkish trip at the start of this September.

Culture vultures and/or just plain old bored-stiff-buggers can, if they wish, 'suffer' some more of our recent Turkish shots by
hitting it here to flit across to Flickr.

Incidentally, isn't sanity simple common sense civilised secularism something super!?

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Anonymous R J Adams said...

Congratulations, old 'un! It's been a while since I've seen the Mersey so angry. Had trouble placing the location - is that the Egremont light?

As for the images of Turkey, it looks a really nice place. No wonder you spend so much time there. I wasn't sure why you bothered taking that photo of the old Turkish geezer in his brown lace-ups with the baggy shorts and camera - and the minaret in the background. Still, I suppose a few shots of the locals helps keep them sweet.

3:45 am  
Anonymous R J Adams said...

PS No, after a closer look I reckon its the Perch Rock light at New Brighton, with the Seaforth Container Port in the background? Am I right?

3:51 am  

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