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23 September 2008

Nude woman busted when construction workers complain

Earth Friend Gen... Yowza!

It's true:

Portland Police took a waterfront Lady Godiva down a notch this week.


They were getting calls about a nude inline skater whizzing past tourists and rush-hour commuters.

But you can do that in Oregon, where occasional nude bike rides draw police only for crowd control and shows featuring live sex acts are protected as free speech.

The skater, Gennifer Moss, aka Earth Friend Gen, asked organizers for permission this summer to skate naked in the city of Ashland's Fourth of July parade. She didn't get it.

Police here told her to tone it down after construction workers complained.

Moss donned a string bikini bottom for the nonce and skated on.

Police say most callers are concerned about her safety.

I have to say, it's great to live in a state where, when a woman skates nude at busy waterfront park, most of the calls to the police are from people who are worried about her safety. And what's wrong with those construction workers?

Also, I feel compelled to point out that the nudists in Oregon are a lot more attractive than the nudist
in Vermont.

You can see more of Gen at her
MySpace page. Well, not really, since I selected the most revealing photo she has. But you can learn more about her earth-friendly philosophy and check out some marginally less revealing photos and videos.

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Anonymous R J Adams said...

There was a time (in Britain, at least) when construction workers would have had a good ogle, rapidly followed by a bevy of raucous wolf whistles. Complain? Never! Some bespectacled local authority official might come along and stop it.

3:08 am  
Anonymous gordo said...

Everything's a bit bizarre here in Oregon, but I'm still shocked that construction workers would actually complain about getting a look at a beautiful skater.

3:30 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

I'm always surprised when grown men make such a fuss...over such little things.

12:14 pm  

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