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05 March 2007

More US War-Waging Set For This Summer : In Australia ...

Almost everyone has heard by now about US, VP Dick Cheney's recent trip to Australia for a face to face with another cretinous poodle Prime Minister friend, John Howard.

Here's how it was all presented to the public by the mainstream media.

Perhaps not surprisingly, there wasn't much mention by the self same 'msm' of anything at all re; the 'real' shocking story:excerpted below.

In June this year, 26,000 US and Australian troops will take part in bombarding the ancient fragile landscape of Australia.

They will storm the Great Barrier Reef, gun down "terrorists" and fire laser-guided missiles at some of the most pristine wilderness on earth. Stealth, B-1 and B-52 bombers (the latter alone each carry 30 tonnes of bombs) will finish the job, along with a naval onslaught.

Underwater depth charges will explode where endangered species of turtle breed. Nuclear submarines will discharge their high-level sonar, which destroy the hearing of seals and other marine mammals.
Hadn't heard, eh?

No sweat cobbers, join the giant sized crew across the globe.

Here's some more from the same scary story.

Australians know little about this. The Australian parliament has not debated it; the media is not interested.

The result of a secret treaty signed by John Howard's government with the Bush administration in 2004, it includes the establishment of a vast, new military base in Western Australia, which will bring the total of known US bases around the world to 738.

No matter the setback in Iraq, the US military empire and its ambitions are growing.

Australia is important because of a remarkable degree of servility that Howard has taken beyond even that of Tony Blair.
And there's much more where this came from, friends.

Go get yourself some extra Oz education, courtesy
Znet and investigative Australian journalist supreme, John Pilger.

* Btw, a big 'heads-up' thank you goes to regular Old Brit reader and commenter, Rosemary.



Anonymous Charles said...

Er, can anyone say Korea? China even?

4:49 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Yup. While he was over there he also went to Japan - which is even closer to Korea than Australia is. The US is already encircling Russia (or tying to) with new bases in Eastern Europe. So where else to do the same ref -'Full Spectrum Dominance'?

Go far east, young man.

5:45 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

Plus, more biz for Carlyle, Halliburton, the MIC et al.

General Smedley Butler was so right:"War is a racket".

6:11 pm  
Anonymous mario said...

i never heard of john pilger before

i just found his own site

sure is some guy

thanks old brit

6:16 pm  
Anonymous mark abbott said...

I guess they've got to bomb the Great Barrier Reef over there before the reef bombs them at home ... or something.

Beware those evil endangered turtles, too.

Cripes, just when I thought my country (USA) couldn't go any lower ... Aarrrgh!

I just hope to live long enough to see these bastards get the karma they've got coming to them, good and hard.

7:56 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

It irks me, that with this 'Conservative' lackey of a PM we have in Canada, all anglophone countries seemed to align themselves behind the US/UK/Israel group, to make the US/UK/Israel/Canada/ANZUS alliance. The common characteristic, is that (with the exception of Israel), in all other countries the war-party is widely unpopular, or even in minority.
Still, the politicians push forward with their undemocratic bellicose initiatives, like they were absolutist kings, or some other dictators from the less than glorious past.

The above discussed secretive military exercise is falling into this millieu. It is clearly not defensive in nature, but instead a rapid reaction/expeditionary style landing on shore, and a follow-up assault further inland, The wider interest of the public, who wishes Peace and that Nature not to be disturbed, doesn't even enter into the picture, or into the discussion.

11:00 pm  
Blogger mur said...

We have no idea why Howard's tongue is so far up Bush's arse...I think Bush has compromising photo's of little Johnny and a hairy-nosed wombat, circa Sydney 1994.

2:21 am  
Anonymous denk said...

hello old brit,

take a look at this,
[scroll down a bit]
the yanks just cant have enough military bases can they?

7:31 am  
Anonymous denk said...

hello old brit,

take a look at this,
[scroll down a bit]
the yanks just cant have enough military bases can they?

p.s. i dont know if the first time my post went thru, i am posting a 2nd time, there might be duplicate.

7:34 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

I'm really afraid to look at this well-hidden business in the larger context of the "ring" of U.S. bases surrounding Russia and China.

And I don't want to think about all the bribes undoubtedly being paid and charged up on my country's credit card.

And I sure don't want to think about all the destruction to the fragile ecology of this part of our ocean world or the sonar destroying the ability for whales, seals, dolphins to navigate, or the destruction of the sea turtles nesting grounds.

Like Scarlet O'Hara, "I'll think about it tomorrow."

11:49 am  
Anonymous griffon said...

The exercise in Aust. is probably more to do with Taiwan.

See this.

And also see this.

There are some further articles worth reading for background up on GlobalResearch but I can't access it at the moment.

In short, some US "strategerists" think China will be easier to take on now rather than later and that the coming Olympics will hamstring China somewhat in it's response to Taiwanese independence.

Taiwan is positioned to dominate the South China Sea which may be critical in that China is massively expanding it's Navy. This expansion started strait after september 2001.

DId I mention there is also oil in the South CHina Sea and disputed islands in the middle of it?

8:48 pm  
Anonymous griffon said...

Some good points, Tom.

These bastards like to jamb people (and nations) in a no-win situation.

A no-win situation for China would be if Taiwan declares independence (at US urging). If China does not invade then it suffers a massive psychological defeat and may lead to the domestic toppling of the current regime there.

If China invades, then the US can also invade to "liberate" the Taiwanese with logistical support from Australia and Japan.

This would be a replay of Saddam invading Kuwait with the US setting up another sucker play.

The big losers would be the Taiwanese, of course. Taiwan is devastated (payback for pirating from the US and Japanese Corporations) and the US now has a massive base with compliant population just off the coast of China. Next stop, Korea.

Now, I am not saying that this is how it would play out, just that I can imagine the US "strategerists" thinking this way.

8:50 pm  
Anonymous Tom V said...

Quite crazy griffon, but anything is possible with those people, who play high stakes strategic gambles with countries and people, including their own people of course.
A more moderate and immediate proposal for such limited and selective wading ashore would be, the rapid landing and occupation of areas adjacent to the Strait of Hormuz on the North shore, under Iranian sovereignity.

My hunch is, that it must make Western strategists sick with worry about the known vulnerability of maritime transports, which navigate through that pinchpoint, and the dire consequences by way of halting vital oil supplies to the West, if a sabotage action, or actions succeed.

The agressors have to have the means, -I repeat- it's absolutely imperative, no matter how tight they are otherwise with groundtroops, to land and hold those shorelines in some significant depth, as quickly as possible, if it comes to war with Iran.

9:41 pm  
Anonymous denk said...

the greenleft site is down, right after i posted a link to it earlier on.
call me a conspiracy nut if you will,
but it happened so many time before ,a site went kaput after i posted a link to it on the net, i cant possibly put it down to coincidence anymore.
someone out there is watching.....

8:32 am  
Anonymous stu said...

Denk, you can bet your life someone's watching - they always are.

Ever hear of "Total Information Awareness"?

9:48 am  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

A couple of you guys are speculating that there is some provocation by the U.S. State Dept. going on in the China v Taiwan spat. I don't think so. They know China's leaders are too smart to fall for a repeat of the Kuwait/Saddam gambit, and besides that, China has a potent weapon that could bring our country (and others) to its knees in a hurry without a shot being fired. Our leaders know that too.

However, there is another truth. Our leaders don't care if our country is brought to its knees. They don't want to run a country or be responsible for its people's safety, its prosperity, or its resources.

They just want to milk it for all they can get, deliver some important goodies to the oil and oil services oligarchy (and other corporate oligarchies), and then get out of the way and let the corporations run the world. Or let whoever wants to take on the world-running job, I guess is probably ok with them too.

2:35 pm  
Anonymous Rosemary said...

I'm going to add one more thought while I'm in the ranting mood.

Pure Capitalism is supposed to practically run by itself, isn't it? "Supply and Demand" and all that

Of course "Survival of the Fittest" fits in there somewhere too.

2:45 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

I don't know if you're familiar with this old Enlish saying, Rosemary [I think you're American aren't you?].

"F**k you Jack, I'm alright."

That's the disgusting attitude of the type you're speaking of. Incidentally, it seems that every day there are more of these self centered, sociopaths around. I think it's gotten to be a contageous disease ~ of almost epidemic proportions.

2:58 pm  
Anonymous griffon said...

you make a good point (as usual) about the Straits of Hormuz and is more likely chronologically.
I can't find the link to the background on Taiwan, unfortunately.

7:29 pm  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

Then Griffon, I think we agree on that point, thus reached a consensus, and a higher truth, by the meeting of our intelligent and flexible minds, according to Socratesian principles. Something -if may I add,- which is woefully rare in our time, populated with masses of stubborn and indoctrinated people, that it is worthy to be accoladed and cherished.

You don't need to provide any proofs Griffon, because your proposition makes perfect sense to me, in the wider, long-term strategical picture: A provocation which sets-up a strategic trap for China, must be in the script somewhere, since the US would benefit from it by drawing-out China from its land based, deep-strategic defence, where China enjoys major advantages, to a maritime conflict, where it doesn't.

However, as it has been clearly and humiliatingly revealed in Iraq, the US has more severe limitations militarily, as anyone could've imagined previously, least of all by the US strategists, who not long time ago were still boasting about the US being capable to deal with one major, and one local/regional conflict simultaneously, and still have spare capacity left at the ready. This Yankee strategical 'wet-dream', turned out to be an unsubstantiated miasma, which calls for:

A) Strict prioritizing of conflicts, future conflicts, no matter how many Operational Plans the devilish minds of US strategists 'cook-up' in the dark recesses of the Pentagon, regardless how good and doable they looked liked in their calculations, and tested succesfully in their computer simulation programs.

B) The urgent need, to enroll as many potentially reluctant strategic partners, regional allies and local satraps as necessary, to get over just the present 'hang-up' over obstinate local insurgencies, to relieve tired, and morally reduced low-quality US ground troops, before they can be retrained and upgraded for something more ambitious.

9:24 pm  
Blogger landsker said...

One can tilt, quixotically, at the american war machine.
However, it is infinitely more satisfying to take from them that which they love.
Which is money. SO ...
Kodak,Kellogs,Motorola, levi (Strauss and lord)....
In fact any product or service that even has a hint of american about it..

From what one reads across the world of blog, even most americans would be overjoyed to witness the collapse of their own establishment.

9:43 pm  
Anonymous denk said...

hello Stu,

you bet , cia has a whole dept monitoring all the "anti amerikkan" sites. in fact, i wouldnt be surprised the spooks run some of these sites as "gatekeepers" themselves, i also suspect that many progressive sites have been compromised, infiltrated or co-opted over the years.

fact is, they might even have a thick file on me by now, since i have been posting "anti amerikkan" stuff since 1998. before you rotfl and say "who do you think you are"? let me tell you this true story.

ever heard of the diao yu isle?
in 199[?] some hongkong folks rented a boat and set sail to the diaoyu isle to protest against the japanese occupation of the island. their boat was rammed and sunk by a japanese warship guarding the island. they were hauled up and interrogated. when they refused to divulge their particulars the jap officers took their photos, he went into the control room for ten minutes and later came out with a pile of computer printouts, he show it triumphantly to the hongkongers, who were dumbfounded to find their particulars -- names, address, occupation etc on it. apparently the officer faxed ihose photos back to tokyo military intel and got back the info in a jiffy. mind you, that was way back in the 90's and the japs already had a data base of hongkong activists. so dont be surprised that the cia, with ten times the resources , would hava a file on us "nobodies" !!

during wwii, the japanese sent many spies masquaring as bussinessmen, tourists, etc to southeastasia to collect intelligence prior to their invasion. when the jap army took over singapore, malaysia etc, they already had a list of all the political activists,especially those who were deemed to be "anti japanese", these hapless folks were rounded up pronto and executed.
there has been lots of talk about japan being a peace loving country who wield "soft power" , but i for one find the japanese insidious behavious worrisome. are they preparing for "rematch" with china, one right wing fanatic had actually said as much, telling china not to be too uppity, "lets have a rematch and see who will emerge the victor this time"

i will tell you another true story.
once a japanese naval officer was having lunch with a korean counterpart. the jap was trying his best to impart on the korean about all this "chinese threat" fairy tale. "look pal, we have better watch out for the chinese , they are going to build themselves a couple of aircraft carriers"
the korean, who was as straight talking as they come, shot back "look buddy, we are not worried about a chinese carrier, but a japanese carrier will make me sit up in middle of the night in cold sweat." [this was
reported in "the pacific defence reporter" some years back, ]

5:01 am  

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