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04 March 2007

Bush For Dummies : Part Two ...


We received innumerable inflamatory and insulting comments - none of which made it past moderation - saying that in our previous post we showed too much sympathy toward the fate of 'the enemy'.

So, to seek to show how sincerely we strive to stay strictly fair & balanced:

Perhaps said sickos may feel better for seeing this second post.

And perhaps some not-too-faint-hearted folk, especially fence sitters and suchlike, should see who else says the same as us:

"A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words"



Anonymous Anonymous said...

strewth.. no wonder they talk about webs and nets ... and i've not even started yet .. thanks

10:01 pm  
Anonymous slim said...

Obviously the complainers are from the nutty mob. Those who enjoy nothing more than watching blood and guts' movies and video games. Children who never grow up, living in a dream world imagining themselves as brave warriors although all they're really doing is egging others on to carry out their own sick fantasies.

9:21 am  
Anonymous Rex said...

Looking at some of those photos via your link is heartbreaking.

Just as the German people were forced to see for themselves the proof of the horrors of the death camps ~~ so the American public should be made to see the attrocities commited in their name ~~ and to perhaps a lesser degree, our own british public who failed at the outset to protest loudly enough.

1:20 pm  
Blogger bootlian said...

"Wha .. ? Who? Me?"

Yep, that's typical of him. All hat, no cattle and all mouth, no guts.

1:57 pm  
Anonymous Lesley said...

I don't understand how anyone can support George Bush. I know one person (a fellow Canadian) who does. Let me describe this person for you:

- Extremely out of shape, yet wears search and rescue gear and paramilitary accessories to make himself appear manly (couldn't rescue his big toe from a paper cut, though.)

- shouts when he wants your attention

- swaggers, too

- non-stop yacker

- laziest son of a bitch I've ever met in my life. He has managed, despite his tough Conservative principles to avoid working while collecting a pay cheque for at least the last four years.

- did I mention he shouts? you can be sitting next to him and he'll shout to get your attention.

- his solution to the homelessness problem is to round up the homeless and send them to labour camps. He's dead serious.

- did I mention he's a freeloader?

One cannot support a creep like George Bush and have many marbles in one's head. Did I say many? How about any?

6:49 am  
Anonymous Tom V. said...

Bush is only the latest imperial style executive, although -admittedly- he is the most brazenly, the most messianic inspired, whose driving credo lacks the least ammount of reason, or even connection to existing reality.
In the final analysis he is actually self-destructive to himself, his similarly predisposed advisors, (some of them lunatic trotskites who turned into 'neo-cons') and probably even to the hidden moneyed powers, who foolishly elevated him into his high position, and who are behind the scene, and finally, unfortunately he is also destructive to our Planet, to a presently uncalculable degree.

No wonder, that even the paleo-conservatives in the Reagan administration called people who advise Bush 'crazies'. That however doesn't mean that the problem with rampant US imperialism started with Bush. It does mean however, that with him, it switched into red-hot overdrive.

Following this exact theme, I would like to draw your attention to an excellently written, panoramic review of Chalmer Johnson's newest book, titled: "Nemesis" by Stephen Lendman
You might want to save it for the week-end, because it's a sizy, graduate level 10-20 pages essay, which also gives you a digest of the main points of the book.
In any way it's a worthy read, because the longer timeframe and the broader connections it makes about the historical development of the American Empire, helps the reader to reach a deeper understanding.

Crisis and Military Adventurism by Stephen Lendman

7:24 pm  

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