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21 March 2007

Barclays' Respond To The BBC; We're No Bank Robbers; Honestly ...

Barclays are without doubt one of the biggest wbankers in Britain.

Here's a headline about them that we heard about today --courtesy the good old BBC.

Mis-selling is 'rife' at Barclays

By Amanda Egbujo, Undercover reporter, BBC Whistleblower.
Now, if that doesn't bring about a rapid rise in the interest rate among readers - especially our Brit brothers & sisters - we don't know what will.

Read on.

A nine-month investigation by BBC reporters working undercover in a leading British bank has revealed a culture of ruthlessness and lies which will shock their customers.

Barclays recently announced record profits of £7 billion.

With a touch of glee, my bank trainer told a classroom full of call centre trainees that he "loved" getting customers complaining about bank charges.

"They'd phone up, start crying and blaming you and telling you their kids are going to starve. And I'd be like, 'I don't know you - I don't care'. I was just thinking 'you're not getting it back'. I was a right git."

This was an early insight into how life might be working inside a Barclays call centre in Doxford, Sunderland.

I have been undercover in one of the top British banks for the last five months - and it has been an extraordinary experience.

I've seen customers misled, lied to and treated with contempt.

I've seen people charged for financial products they neither asked for or knew they had.

And in a separate investigation I've also seen evidence of bank employees working with criminals to commit fraud.
Barclays? Bank robbers?

Nawrh, no way, sez they.

Would we lie to you? Would we con our customers?

Nawrh, no way, sez they.

Here's something else they had to say, today.

Barclays Bank said: "We are not in the business of encouraging or condoning mis-selling or inappropriate sales in any way whatsoever, and we stamp on that when we find it because it is completely inappropriate behaviour for a bank.

"We pride ourselves on being a responsible institution that puts its customers first."

It added: "People know we are a good bank, we're trustworthy, we do the right thing, ...
  • Okay, you should know the drill by now.

    Read the rest of this revealing report right here.

    Surely the BBC and Barclays bank can't both be right.

    Remember this though - in spite of anything anyone else says to the contrary - the customer IS always right.



    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Snoopsnuffleopagus says,

    You nailed! the customer is always right, even when they are wrong.
    As a biz man I had 2 rules
    1. It is better to make a quick nickle than a slow dime
    2. Kiss the clients ass til they bark like a fox

    I was always busy

    12:52 am  
    Anonymous me said...

    and you know what realy pisses me off?

    when a bank gets robbed look at the cops' amazing response

    when you or me gets robbed ... tough shit! here's an insurance claim number piss off peasant and lets get back to work .... for the big boys' benefits

    1:39 am  
    Anonymous RBS said...

    While it's good to hear that one of them has been exposed for what they are, don't think Barclays is unique.

    YOUR bank is every bit as bad - whichever one it is you use.

    Oh for the days of real money, tills, reciepts and loose change.

    (I must be near as old as the old Brit -- eh?)


    2:10 am  
    Anonymous Charles said...

    True to form, Richard names and shames.

    Good for you. I hope the shit hits the fan in a big way as more BBC watching (and blog reading) Barclays' customers "learn" and then "vote" with their feet and their wallets.

    9:16 am  
    Blogger bootlian said...

    I don't know about a war on terror but what we really should have is a war on robbing corporate bastards who thrive on the most vulnerable.

    I'd willingly sign up to go fight in that war.

    1:07 pm  
    Blogger J.UL1R4 said...

    Good topic Richard. Yes it is an absolute disgrace how banks are run, it is a sick exploitative and degrading and terrible racket and they can do it because they are just too powerful. And the way they treat people can be absolutely horrific. And the public are very much waking up to all of this.

    My only concern is, and we've seen recently in the media, and particularly with the Daily Mail this campaign about things like bank charges and so on, which on the surface is all very well and good but I think it's difficult to imagine the banks themselves are not ready for this stuff and we are dealing with something very powerful that is not at all going to want to be brought into line.

    And......Now this is not about high street banks, but about central banks although some of the principles are the same and it is absolutely excellent and you or your readers may well have seen it already but it is essential viewing for anyone else and that is: this

    6:44 pm  
    Anonymous Rex said...

    They're ALL as bent as a three pound coin - from the very top down.

    Look at what came out today.

    Ex-Governor George says Bank deliberately fuelled consumer boom

    By Jane Padgham
    Published: 21 March 2007

    The Bank of England deliberately stoked the consumer boom that has led to record house prices and personal debt in order to avert a recession, the former Bank Governor Eddie George admitted yesterday.

    See here.

    10:26 pm  
    Blogger fido said...

    They may all be crap agreed, but having switched to Nat West even their poor service looks good after dealing with Barclays.

    Still at least I claimed back all my charges and have told them to fcuk themselves via the internet on many an occasion.

    6:43 pm  

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