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08 February 2006

Elections ? The Blair Regime Don't Need No Steenkin' Elections ...

What will it take to get through to those trusting souls who still think Britain is a free country, with an elected government ruling by consent via a cabinet of ministers, headed by a first-among-equals' Prime Minister -- and what will it take to awaken said souls from their innocent slumbers?

Might a BBC headline such as follows at least sound some alarm bells, somewhere?

Council polls could be scrapped

The elections could make way for reform plans

Next year's local elections in England could be abandoned under plans being considered by the government, the BBC has learned.

Well, This Old Brit certainly hopes that before the next day is done, alarm bells aplenty are pealing -- loud and clear, and all over this land.

Now, pick your bottom jaw back up from the floor, pop both eyes back into their sockets and then feast them on this.

Whitehall officials have told council chiefs they are considering cancelling the May 2007 polls because of possible plans for a local government shake-up.

What ? Whitehall officials? Which effing Whitehall officials?

Neither This Old brit nor Richard remember electing any Whitehall officials -- ever. Nor does anyone else we've canvassed today. The truth is, all Whitehall officials are unelected officals. Not to put too fine a point on it, they're really no more than the hired help.

And yet these shadowy, expensive Saville Row-suit-clad cretins deign to 'consider' such spectacularly special events as the erradication of the people's elections.

Whether local or national and whether allegedly, merely temporarily or not is quite beside the bloody point. The truth be told, this whole idea almost defies belief -- even under Bush's poodle-boy Tony Blair's New Labour regime.

The thin end of the wedge? Naw! Never. 'Fraid not friends.

That came and went quite a while back.

And those of us who've been permanently paying attention not only noticed, but we ruddy well "told you so". Well, be honest now, we did, didn't we?

And to think that so many of the more astute among us on both sides of the Atlantic have recently begun remarking [rather regularly], regarding the increasing possibility of suspensions of some elections -- sometime soon -- on the strength of one government manufactured pretext or another.

Good gawd, imagine the implications. If the Bliar can get away with something like this with such a belligerent bunch as we Brits over here, then Americans should forget about any further Diebold doubts or worries -- because Bush probably won't damn well need Diebold any more.

Strewth! This Old Brit and Richard can sense some sort of super-swearing-seizure sneaking up on us. So, while we cool down via a break for blood pressure checks, you can read the full BBC report from the comfort of your own -- erm, whatever it is you personally still possess that you continue to be able to claim to call comfortable.

But to help set the scene you can expect to encounter, when the BBC site you eventually enter, first get a good gander at this.

Minister David Miliband says there has been no decision on council reform and he intends the 2007 polls to go ahead.

But Conservatives and Lib Dems say Labour would benefit from avoiding local polls as Tony Blair prepares to step down and hand power to Gordon Brown.

( snip )

BBC News 24's chief political correspondent, James Landale, said officials from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister (ODPM) discussed the possibility of cancelling the May 2007 elections in meetings with council chiefs in the last few weeks.

In the minutes of one meeting, seen by BBC News, ODPM officials said it was "highly unlikely" the elections would go ahead, not least because "it would not be very efficient to hold elections for a one-year term".

( Today's relevant BBC report can be read right here. )


Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

As I keep saying, we decided to export democracy and we ended up outsourcing it to the point that we don't have any left here! Right?

Or rather, right wing?

Anyway, once America ditched elections it wouldn't take long for the Real Rulers (QUEEN E) and her buddies to do the same to serfs in England.

Well, are we mice or are we mice?

Will link to your story, Richard. Gads. They never sleep, do they?

4:58 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who would have believed something like this could happen and people NOT take to the streets?

Sad to say, that would take something really awful. Like all TV and pubs and bookies being done away with. (/sarcasm)

God, talk about the enemy within.

But anyway, thanks for bringing this to our attention Richard+Old Brit -- we're going to make one hell of a fuss about this.

5:22 pm  
Anonymous me said...

can they really get away with this

is this legal

5:54 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

Hi Richard,

Off/T I'm subscribed to the Parliamentary research papers. This [PDF] link is the latest offering on Sudan. Not a bad overview of the situation your or your readers might be interested.

On/T yes they might be able to get away with it. Amongst other things it depends on how much of a fuss sitting councillors are prepared to make.

9:23 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

* Well, are we mice or are we mice?

Er .... or chickens? (Thanks for linking, btw.)


I share your feelings entirely, I'm sorry to say. The modern version of bread and circuses, eh? As for making a fuss - good on you - whoever you are.


It seems Mark's already offered an answer/opinion - and I think he's much more qualified on matters legal than I am. (But I hope he's wrong on this one.)


Thanks once again for what seems like a tasty link - for later.

As for sitting councillors, that's exactly what I thought and have said to several others today. They should ALL, irrespective of party [to coin a phrase] 'go nookleearh' on this.

12:06 am  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Blair's socialism is following the same pattern Germany's National Socialsim did in the 1930s. Just like then, the people kept on kidding themselves that things weren't THAT bad, and that 'they' wouldn'r ever go THAT far.

HmphF! How wrong they were then as well.

12:56 am  
Blogger D.F. Facti said...

Wow, Richard. This is how it starts.

So is the faux issue that Labour would suffer (on account of Blair's countless betrayals) and, therefore, it would not be politically astute to proceed with local elections?

I am a neophyte in re British elections. This clearly stinks. I know not whence the odor wafteth.

5:44 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Kiwi, if only more people could see that and act accordingly [like the voters yesterday in Scotland, as per my reply to dff] - before things go too far.

Neophyte or not, you nailed it alright, dff.

Look at this news from today, when a seat in parliament was up for grabs in a by elction. It was considered 'as safe as houses' for Labour. Gordon Brown actually lives in this constituency. What an upset it was, and what a message to both Brown and his mate Blair. A massive swing to the Lib Dems ousting Labour - with a vengeance.

*Labour defiant after shock defeat

Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott has urged Labour to fight on following a shock defeat to the Lib Dems in the Dunfermline and West Fife by-election.

The Libs Dems took the seat by 1,800 votes, overturning an 11,500 Labour majority at the last election.*

The rest of the report is at the BBC site, here.

8:22 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

I just watched Blair's wife Cherie sat next to the other bum's wife, Laura at the opening ceromony of the Winter Olympics in Turin Italy.

Yoko Ono appeared as a special guest and spoke to a huge audience in the arena - AND millions wordlwide. She spok about PEACE and her late husband John Lennon.

THEN, sitting at and playing on a grand piano, Peter Gabriel sang ............... yep, you guessed it ...... IMAGINE!!!!

Obviously, the cameras did NOT show the two "ladies" - so whether ot not they squirmed, tried ti hide, blushed or whatever - well just have to IMAGINE.

I hope everyone [everywhere] got to [or gets to] watch - even though Peter Gabriels voice & style ain't my cup of tea.

10:28 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

Duh! In all my excitement I forgot to mention. Gabriel was wearing an ALL black Muslim like outfit, including kitted type black wollen hat.

Yeehaaaaa! Talk about sending out a message. And remember that all this must have been very carefully arranged & agreed by many, many very important people. The Olympics Games [including the winter ones] are BIG, BIG, BIG.

Jeez. I wonder exactly how many TV viewers world wide saw or will see this?

10:35 pm  
Blogger D.F. Facti said...

A massive swing to the Lib Dems ousting Labour - with a vengeance.

The shape of things to come, one hopes. People in West Fife, etc., it would appear are PAYING ATTENTION. Forgot Gordon Brown is a Scot.

Clearly Blair/Brown haven't been able to ink any deals with Diebold.

2:12 am  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Like Bluey said above- it was amazing- Yoko and Peter Gabriel...and oh, how he breaks my heart...It was amazing and yeah I hope Laura sat there and squirmed and felt bitchslapped by the moment.....
So Rick- is this for real about the Whitehall thing? WOW..that is is unreal..very scary....Blair needs to much as Bushbaby...and his criminal regime...

7:27 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Bluey & Enigma,

Yep, I saw it too. I was amazed - but at the same time heartened. To tell the truth, I'm never been a big fan of Peter Gabriel's either. But since last night that's all changed. Maybe some others in showbusiness with high profile platforms, huge followings & worldwide wide exposure will find their balls soon, and then stand up & be counted too. themselves.

As for is 'this for real' - you'd better believe it. You couldn't make this stuff up.

11:43 am  
Blogger Richard said...


Blair was giving a keynote speech in Blackpool to the gathered party faithful yesterday. Ha! He never even mentioned it. Not one single word - not one - as though it never happened. Some of the 'underlings' tried to make light of it, but then that's what they always do in situations like this.

Incidentally, most people forget [or don't realsie] Blair was born in Edinborough - Scotland.

11:50 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I watched it too and shared your amazement and joy

I noticed something else I also thought was extremely significant -- North and South Korea joined together to compete as just one big National team.

2:58 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I followed you over here from Enigma's Cafe to get a more international perspective. What a shock to hear Blair might be trying something truly Bush-worthy. Is it just me or didn't Blair seem kinda decent back in the Clinton days? Can't believe people will buy it, but with all their other machinations, do the people even have a voice anymore? Among our many evil exports may be the ability to just ignore millions of protestors. I hope electronic voting hasn't invaded there yet. -- D.K. (another damn anon)

5:24 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Yep, I did notice the Koreans had 'united' - I'd say that sends some sort of 'signal' too.

anon D.K.

It's good to have you visit - I look in on Enigma regularly - she's my kind of 'bulldog breed'.

Blair DID seem a decent bloke - at first. But we now know he's a great actor and an accomplished liar.

Our protests are ignored over here. Did you know that before the Iraq invasion - TWO MILLION Brits marched in protest through the streets of London demanding NO WAR. Huh. Fat lot of deifference it made, eh?

6:05 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When I said "millions of protestors" I was including the whole world. Because we really have no idea of the number of people protesting here in the U.S. due to lack of media coverage. And if it's not on T.V., it's not real. It's very discouraging & disheartening to see how easily we are giving up our freedoms. Finding the blogworld has been a godsend (& for a non-believer like myself that's saying a lot). D.K.

8:35 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

Rick- so I checked back..and sure enough my worst fears were confirmed about the Whitehall mess...OMG...unreal...
a Bush Tactic has been exported...and about Peter Gabriel- I have a wee thing for him..and as far as Politcal statements- during the Live Eight concerts summer of 2005- he was the only one that thought of and HELD the African Version of it- and it was excellent- I watched it here on this side of the pond...
and I am a "Bulldog"...I am touched.....( although I look like an Irish Setter,have the heart of a Scotty, and eyes of a Bassatt- so so people used to say...who have pictures of me with my old Bassatt...) But thank you...

The important thing is if Bush was a pair of shoes- yes, he would have been shredded and spat out by this ol' dog years ago....

10:47 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

*if it's not on T.V., it's not real. It's very discouraging & disheartening to see how easily we are giving up our freedoms.*

D.K. I won't argue with either of those stements. Sad, isn't it?

Enigma, heh, heh. What a picture of you I'm conjuring up. I hope you have the loyalty & reliability of a Boxer too. (My own all time favourite breed.)

11:32 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I love boxers and mastiffs......sigh...and yes I have infinite loyalty and reliable- most certainly....

( I hope you have some Boxers there laying by the fire...they are wonderfull)

9:02 am  
Blogger Richard said...


Once upon a time we did. Alas, we lost our dear, old Smokey a while back. For the first time in my life since I was very young, I have no dog. I've bee tempted several times to try to replace him - but that would be impossible - so I haven't attempted to.

4:54 pm  
Blogger enigma4ever said...

I am so sorry about your Smokey....there is nothing that compares to the loss of such a friend....I had a Scotty for 14 years- Bogart ( Bogie) , his gal was a beauty of a Canadian Bassatt- Abby and they made quite a pair...and she died in 2004, she was my soul sister...not a day goes by that I don't think of her. Funny thing- I said I would have no dog after that...but this little fragile Blond Basenji found me in a California Town- she adopted me...she is a Barkless Deaf little blond wonder with a heart of gold...and she taught me that some of us just always need dogs...Someday another dog will find his way to your hearth....

5:36 am  

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