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29 January 2006

This Old Brit Is Betting It's Bye-Bye Blair ...

Since Richard's currently sat shivering and sneezing this wintry Sunday night, convinced he's copped out for yet another awful cold, this particular post is all set to be short and sweet.

Though that's definitely not to say it shouldn't be seen as something significant.

Top left, all tarted up in his best bobby's blues & braids is Britain's top cop, Sir Ian Blair, Metropolitan Police Commissioner -- and big buddy of his better known namesake, the UK's very own ' big brother,' Tony Blair.

At least, as This Old Brit sits and types this, he still is. But for how much longer?

Today's blog post can't be claimed to be a world-wide scoop - nor even an exclusive - in fact it's not even news. Well, not yet it's not

'Better late than never' the old saying goes -- so here too, This Old Brit goes -- with his very first prediction for this still fairly newish year. (Unless you're Chinese of course, in which case it actually is New Year, and so we sincerely wish you a Kung Hey Fat Choi!)

Anyway, to cut to the chase.

Bye, bye Sir Ian Blair. We wish we could say it's been nice knowing you - but it hasn't - so we're not going to.


So, don't miss the next pathetic installment in the ongoing shameful saga, of New Labour's politicising of the once so justly proud and truly well respected, British police.

But, don't ask us exactly when it will hit the headlines -- however, we're staking both our reputations by saying right here and now that we certainly believe it's already been set to come to pass -- and surprisingly soon at that.

(Those interested in learning a bit about this particular Blair's background, or at any rate the official Met Police, PR machine put-out, can click here.)

* And remember, you heard it first from This Old Brit.


Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

So, you caught my cold after visiting my Homepage, eh? Indeeeeed.

Hack hack cough cough. Naughty boy.

Hope you feel better. I sure don't. It is hard to blog with tears in the eyes and sneezes, isn't it?


3:24 am  
Blogger Richard said...

A lot better today thanks, Elaine. Temerature's down & I think the worst is past. I hope you soon feel better too.

1:37 pm  
Anonymous Rex said...

He sure should go. What with the Brazilian killed in the tube, then his lies, cover up, laying blame elsewhere, etc. And then the shit remark about those two little murdered kids in Soham. And now it looks as thought there's more to come out on some cops altering their logs after the tube nightmare.

He's a liability. Everything he touches turns to shit. If he's the BEST policeman they can find - God help England and it's people.

5:48 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Quite frankly I am surprised that he is still around after last year's 'glorious' achievements. However when he does go he will get a healthy pension and probably is assured of future employment on the lecture circuit. However, he is not the most incompetent policeman out there - that glory still lies with San Francisco P.D.

Hope you are feeling better Richard!

8:20 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Rex, you are so right. If this bum's the 'best' -- bloody hell !

Graniab, that's what always makes any matters like this so much worse. The culprits always walk away with big fat pensions and various other dubious pay-offs.

(P.S. I am feeling a bit better - thanks graniab)

1:02 am  
Blogger Richard said...

Oh ....... I almost forgot to BRAG!

I see the mighty MIRROR were only one day behind me - heh - re; my Sir Ian Blair story. Then behind the Mirror came the BBC and the Mail.

Heh -- let's wait & see how long it takes for the rest to catch up, eh? ;^)

1:06 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. I read the Mirror's piece. You obviously have inside information -- tell us more.

Also, I hear today that nopw a bunch of MPs are calling for him go. Willingly or unwillingly.

Good ridance in advance I say.

3:19 pm  

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