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26 September 2005

New Labour's 'Great' Britain ?

On the day that phony Tony's bunch of New Labour B-liars begin their party's annual conference in Brighton, Gordon Brown blows away any remaining beliefs anyone may have harboured that he might have had the makings of a more honorable head honcho than our current creep in charge.

Because, be it sooner or be it later, whenever Blair finally does eff off, Gordon-the-gobshite Brown's going to give the bulk of Brits nothing better than more of the same old shit.

And as sad as he is to say it, This Old Brit believes beyond a shadow of doubt, that the 'Great' has finally gone right out of Britain -- for good.

The truth is that we'd be better off being honest, and re-branding these once 'sceptered' isles of ours as, Bolloxed Britain -- and/or the Blighted Kingdom instead of the United Kingdom.

From the very first day day that Blair and Bush became brother's in blood, almost everything truly British about today's UK has been slowly but surely, supplanted by American Republicanism, run-riot.

Talk about tripe. Take a look at this.

Labour 'should learn from Bush'

Can Labour learn from George Bush's campaign?

Labour should turn to George Bush's Republican party for inspiration about how to boost party membership, Europe Minister Douglas Alexander has argued.

He said the success of the Republicans had been largely down to improved organization and motivation.

Oh, really? Well, This Old Brit argues this; work your abysmal argument up your arse, Alexander.

And here's another example of Britain's social back peddling, via the terrible treatment of it's poor old age pensioners.

Prison for tax protest pensioner

Sylvia Hardy arrived at court in Exeter with a packed bag

A retired social worker from Devon has become the first woman pensioner to be jailed in England for refusing to pay part of an increase in her council tax.

Sylvia Hardy, 73, from Exeter, was jailed for seven days after missing a deadline to settle arrears of £53.71.

And here's more on the current miserable plight of so many British pensioners.

Women's low pensions a 'scandal'

David Blunkett has pledged welfare reformPensions Secretary David Blunkett has told the Labour party conference that a solution is needed for the "scandal" of low pension provision for women.

Mr Blunkett said the government's Pension Commission would recommend on how women's pensions could be improved.

Many women miss out on a full state pension because they have time off work to look after children or relatives.

Separately, help for those who lost their pensions when their company scheme collapsed will also be reviewed.

The Financial Assistance Scheme (FAS), worth £400m over 20 years, has been roundly criticised for not being large enough to pay the pensions of an estimated 60,000 scheme members.

Balderdash. It's simply Blunkett doing what he does best -- lying through his bloody teeth.

Saying one thing but actually doing an entirely different thing -- which is usually, nothing at all.

See what shame some of our senior citizens are reduced to succumbing to, as they try to show up the two faced twits responsible for our welfare, for the arrogant asses they are.

On Monday, members of the Pension Action Group protested by stripping off their clothes on Brighton beach to draw attention to their claims that they have had little help from the government after they lost most or all of their pensions when their company schemes failed.
Blair & Co have had years & years to sort out such shambles as these, yet still they haven't honoured even half their original, pre-election promises.

Neither do Blair & co show any more respect for the dead, than they do for the aged and infirm.

Read this revolting revelation, regarding the recently deceased and so rightly respected, Robin Cook.

Read it and weep.

Cook's Legacy: Debate on former foreign secretary's views is vetoed

By Ben Russell, Political Correspondent -- Published: 26 September 2005

The Labour leadership has been accused of "jealousy" after vetoing a debate on a grass-roots motion dedicated to the memory of the former foreign secretary, Robin Cook.

Twenty local parties had backed the motion, which threatened to embarrass Tony Blair by highlighting Mr Cook's resignation over Iraq and his rejection of many Blairite reforms, including the expansion of the role of private companies in public services.

The motion made a sideswipe at the invasion of Iraq, arguing that "our interests are best protected not by unilateral action but by multilateral agreement and a world order governed by rules". It also challenged the increasing role played by the private sector in public services such as the National Health Service, calling for "the defence of public services and the public service ethos", including renewed efforts to "make the ideological case for health and education as a public realm in which citizenship is more important than market power".

The motion was ruled out of order by the party's conference arrangements committee, which controls the selection of emergency resolutions for debate at conference.

David Clark, Mr Cook's former special adviser, criticised the decision yesterday not to allow delegates the opportunity to debate the motion. "Robin was not just a valued colleague and friend to many at conference, he was a political force in his own right and that is how his friends wanted to remember him," he said.

"This shows a certain amount of paranoia. There is nothing in the motion that Tony Blair would disagree with. The very idea somebody in the Labour Party can have an autonomous personality that people identify with is a taboo for the party. It suggests a certain amount of jealousy, which isregrettable."
New Labour? What a laugh.

But what's the alternative?

Compassionate Conservatism?

As represented by lunatics like this Tory, tw*t ?


26 September 2005

JUST when you come to believe that all political parties are the same, a raving nutcase emerges to prove you wrong.

Tory councillor and deputy mayor Owen Lister has suggested that severely disabled children should be "guillotined" to save the NHS a few bob.

This is not a sick joke that went wrong. This is not a man being quoted out of context. The loathsomeLister says they were throwaway remarks but he is quite happy to defend what sounds like his final solution for cutting NHS waiting lists.

A Tory councillor has actually suggested at a a meeting to discuss funding for severely handicapped kids that they should be put down.
Perhaps at this point in the proceedings it's becoming plain why This Old Brit's saying that this old Britain is now well and truly buggered.

Tony Parsons, the Mirror writer who wrote the report, also says this.

I can't imagine how the words of this heartless bastard make you feel if you are struggling to bring up a disabled kid.

Well, This Old Brit can.

Because, along with his wife, for many, many years he did struggle to bring up a severely, physically disabled daughter, Helen.

She was born with severe, Spina Bifida.

( No intention of going into details here -- but you know what? It was well worth the struggle. )

Helen is over 40 years old now. Moreover, she always has been - and remains - an absolute inspiration to her parents, and an excellent example to others, far too numerous to mention.

What's more, as human beings go, she's worth more than a million little Hitlers like this Mister-loser-Lister.

And here's something else you should know.

It would have been all too easy to include another dozen or so similarly sick, British news stories which made it into our UK mainstream media -- in just the last 24 hours. Really, it would.

But who the hell in their right mind wants to be depressed any further?

Still think 21st century Britain, under the boots of Blair and Bush is 'great'?

And with that rhetorical question, This Old Brit thinks now's the time to take his break.

Thank God for Twinnings and Tetleys - and their truly, traditional British tea. Eh?


Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

As I noted in this article

the Nazis earliest campaign for eliminating people was focused not on Jews but on the severely disabled.

Thank you for sharing your lovely daughter's story with us, Richard. I just came back from the hospital, taking care of my father in law who collapsed into my arms today (he is doing OK, luckily).

As we all struggle to preserve and protect family members, just note that the New Orleans dead have NO NAMES. Nada. Not even numbers, just anonymous dead.

This is really upsetting me. We all strengthen each other, keeping our collective heads above water.

4:01 am  
Anonymous cosmic rays said...

To a certain extent I understand Bush's pathology, because his mother was a cold, mean you-know-what, and he never had to stand on his own - a complete wastrel courtesy of his family - and now inflicted on the world.

What is Tony's problem? This is someone who had to make his own way.

Fighting against the will of the rich and powerful is a Herculean task, never more so than today. SO... sell out and live the rest of your days in clover. The pattern has been repeated over and over.

I cannot even comment on Owen Lister, except to say that we are treated to a look behind the iron curtain from time to time. Maybe Bush could make him Surgeon General, since it looks like he's out of a job in Britain.

3:16 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Sorry about your father in law, Elaine. I hope it turns out well - for you all.

You're right about us all needing each other's strength of course. United we stand - divided we fall.

3:34 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Blair was born into a pretty privileged family [not as much as Bush, admittedly] but it did help him on his way of course.

I thnk the bottom line is that he's a [power hungry] idealougue.

I think you'll find this background piece on him [including his relationships with both Bush & Clinton. Link below.

My own view is that he wants to be seen as all things to all men - run with both the hare and the hounds. In other words, he's a bought & paid for whore.

3:39 pm  
Anonymous blair is an arse said...

Rick, you are an inspiration to all of us.

I too am sick to death of all these pseudo-socialists and outright fascists in power.

I'd love it if it you got into politics Rick! You'd have my vote any day!

3:48 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Welcome, b.i.a.a.

You're more than welcome - I do what I can.

Thanks for your kind comment too - I'm flattered. But I fear I've left it quite a few years too late to enter the mainstream political arena. And that's something I'll regret to my daying day, btw.

4:06 pm  
Blogger JulieDee said...

By the GODS! That's how Hitler softened the German people up for the final solution as I remember... first the handicapped and the mentally handicapped... then the gypsies and the gays... then the Jews...

Now see why you understand me so well my friend... KUDOs for being a truly thoughtful parent!

4:27 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


We're all part of the 'whole'. When more people learn that a little more 'we' and a lot less 'me' is the answer, most of our shared problems will be solved - in a hurry.

5:49 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

You'd get my vote too - ANYDAY!

12:00 am  
Anonymous Blair is an arse said...

It's never too late!

You'd show those trumped up youngsters- the Letwins, Blairs, Liam-Foxes et al. compassion based values, not the $$$ driven values that have eroded the fabric that is supposed to bring us all together.

Please Rick!!!

12:07 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

First time commenting here 'though I visit regularly. The thing that I find so horriific is the complete amorality of not only of the right wing parties but of so-called "new labour." If it were mere immorality that would be bad enough but at least we'd have a slender chance of shaming them into acting like decent human beings. When even the concept of morality and decency is dead to them then we're all in serious trouble.

Thanks for being there and raising your voice.


3:36 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Put my name down for another vote for yourself, Old Brit.

5:09 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

bluey, b.i.a.a and kiwi,

Now you've all got me blushing.

Even if I rediscovered the energy - what constituency? What platform? What party? And last but but no means least - with what flippin' financial funding ? :^)

7:15 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Welcome, Mark.

It' my pleasure to be here, speaking for those with no voice - leastwise voices that go either unheard or ignored.

As for us being in serious trouble - you are so right.

But these 'pro-pols' work full time at their terrible 'business' [for that's all politics is to them, in the main] -- so we must do the same.

They rely on us having lousy memories, short attention spans, lack of determination and desire to stick at the 'fight'.

We must do as they do. Work 24/7 to expose their deceipte, ineptitude, insincerity, etc, and to tirelessly try to rectify the situation by replacing them [slowly but surely' by better men [& women] than they are.

7:26 pm  
Blogger markfromireland said...

No argument from me there Richard and thanks for stopping over at LA's place. I post there from time to time and it can get a little hectic sometimes - but it's like here - an enclave of decency.

9:06 pm  
Anonymous graniab said...

Oh dear, after reading your post today - I'm well past drinking tea (even if I could get a decent cup in the US) I think I need something stronger and if I drink enough of it maybe it will erase the pain. As the mother of an autistic 11 year old boy I am beyond stunned at Dickhead Lister's comments. The Labor Party conference sounds surreal - keep us posted meanwhile I will tune into to FratBoy Brownie whining. I should have guessed that your and your wife are special parents - it definitely gives us all a certain edge!

9:38 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


Thank you. I'll have to catch up on some stuff posted there - then look in regularly.

1:06 am  
Blogger Richard said...


So true - it does give 'us' an edge. I hope you all can cope OK, btw.

As for the surreal conference - it becam more of nightmare, today.

Have you watched the BBC footage [posted on my latest blog entry] where a frail, old man of 82 was manhandled out of the hall? For simply shouting 'nonsense' as Jack Straw lied [again] about Iraq?

A young guy who asked the brutes to leave the old man alone, got even worse for his troubles.

I am ashamed of what's happened to my country under these fascists. Yet I still want the whole world to watch that video.

1:17 am  

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