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05 December 2007

Oh, Shit! Israel Suddenly Starts Shouting About America's New Iran Intelligence Report ...


Oh, shit!

Oh, no!

Just one day ago we finished our piece on the sudden American U-Turn re: their latest Iranian intelligence, with the sentence shown below.

Seriously, from where we're sitting this sudden turn of events smells strangely fishy, and we strongly suspect it's merely the first chapter of a distinctly new yarn story, as is yet to be told.

Just minutes ago we read this.

JERUSALEM - A U.S. intelligence assessment that Iran has stopped developing atomic weapons is putting a burden on the Jewish state, which has long relied on Washington to lead the international charge against Iran's nuclear ambitions.

With the U.S. now less likely to take military action, an increasingly nervous Israel might feel compelled to strike out on its own if it perceives a dangerous threat.

Israeli officials say their intelligence forces believe Iran is still working aggressively to build nuclear arms.


In 1981 Israeli warplanes penetrated deep into Iraq to destroy an unfinished nuclear reactor near Baghdad to prevent its use in a weapons program.

Israel has since taken delivery of about 80 aircraft fitted with long-range fuel tanks that would allow them to reach Iran, and it has acquired three German-built submarines reportedly capable of firing nuclear-armed missiles, with two more under construction.
Read the rest of this brand NEW, VERY worrying report.

Please, someone, anyone, anywhere ... for God's sakes, say it isn't so.


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Blogger Sophia said...


Yes, I have read about this. Israel is not happy. I think there is no U-turn in the US government position. All there is is that they cannot fight a war against Iran while they are still very much embroiled in Iraq. I am not optimistic aboyt the report neither, it speaks about a halt to a weapon program, but there is no assesment of this previous weapon program. I am suspicious that the wording is meant to insert into our minds once and for all that Iran was developping a nuclear military program. I think the reprot will be used to toughen sanctions and buy some time until the job is finished in Iraq. But we know that the job will not be finished in Iraq before the whole country is divided. There is more pain to come in Iraq.

I think the report will be used to groom public opinion about Iran's nuclear program and to leave the question whether to attack Iran for later. I believe the question of Iran will be on the next US president agenda, being democrat or republican, this will be Bush's and the neo-con's legacy to their friends and foes. And any presdient will need a radical departure from this politics of hegemony in order to end wars in the ME. It won't be easy.

Now expect topugher sanctions on Iran, they will try to cut the economic oxygen on them like they did for saddam and Iran's reaction will be more extremism and radicalisation and actually maybe going finally dfor a nuclear program and cutting ties with the IAEA.

I am not optimistic about this. The timing of the reprot is dubious.

Of course Israel would have preferred immediate attacks and this is why they are not happy about this but it takes years and years to remodel the ME. you can say that Bush, Cheney and the neo-cons have set the agenda in the ME for the next 25 years and it will take strong will, courage and a lot of vision to kill put a term to this belligerant agenda, even after the departure of Bush...

9:39 pm  
Anonymous bluey said...

It wouldn't surprise me, Richard. But if they do = boy = we ain't seen nothing yet. This really could kick off WW3. At the very least, the whole of the region will blow up, big time. And it will one way or another blow right back in American and Isareli faces, big time again.

Do you remember a while back when being interviewed Cheney actually smirked and said "But what if Israel decides to act ...?" when being questioned||pushed on the subject of a US attack?

I'll search to find a cite if I can.

10:33 pm  
Blogger Sophia said...

Oh Richard, sorry for all the typo errors...

11:11 pm  
Anonymous sandy mac said...

We've now got armed police just like they have. If any of ours see a kidnapping going on they should do to the kidnappers what they did with the Brazilian kid === and ask questions later

12:45 am  
Anonymous xxx said...

If anyone thinks that those of us in the UK and America have had the pits of governemnts and lying, corrupt leaders in the last few years, our's have had nothing on Israel's.

They are without a doubt the worst of the lot. And as for extreme religious nuts they're the worst in the world. It's just that the holy book they thump and shove in your face isn't called a bible.

11:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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12:01 pm  
Anonymous kiwi said...

Well, there always has to be a trigger to set things off, Richard.

What a great scenario (for the chomping-at-the-bit warhawks if Israel dios something nasty (probably undercover or for some stupid concocted reason) and Iran responds 'appropriately'.

The US would then of course have a perfect reason to go to Israel's 'aid'. That would then be sold as proof they were the good guys again, and just just serial warmongers. Y'think?

1:10 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"By stealth wage war"

Familiar with the motto?

1:30 pm  
Blogger Twilight said...

Everything happens for a reason (especially anything to do with the current US adminstration).

All we need to do is wait and watch.

3:10 pm  

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