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17 December 2008

Gordon Brown : Britain out of Iraq by July. (But what about an absence of any accompanying Afghanistan announcements?)

Arriving unannounced today in Iraq Gordon Brown announced that British soldiers will be out of that (criminally, cold bloodedly, premeditatedly and sickeningly mercilessly), quite callously 'crucified' country -- inside 7 months.

UK troops to leave Iraq 'by July'
While that's certainly the sort of of cheerful news that will make for many of us being able to have at least a little happier Christmas, all aint exactly as it first appears.

But what's new?

Remember this though -- only British boys & girls still surviving (and still in one piece) at the selected time, will be coming back to Britain under their own steam. Since, sadly, between now and July's end some are sure to have to be stretchered back to 'dear old blighty. Sadder still, some others are bound to be borne back by bearers, in bloody boxes.

But what's new?

Moreover, the British government's ever eager to spin to please, directly as dictated by Downing Street, partners in propaganda, the once so highly respected BBC, will continue to comply and play down the fact that many more members of our brave British forces are already earmarked for an unbelievably, flat out f*cked up Afghanistan.

So, once again a conspiracy of assorted slimy, snidey, shitty, soulless, cowardly, completely compliant, conniving, conscienceless spinners seeks to sucker us.



Such sods as recently have serially professed to sincerely and honestly represent, and to selflessly serve this country's substantial majority of decent citizens, quite simply, have neither any semblence of shame, nor the slightest sign of scruples.

And that's for sure.

Furthermore, on said (so sad) score you can (quite categorically) quote us.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Which reminds me:

Why are any british troops in Afghanistan? What do they hope to achieve? What do they stand to gain? What do any of us Brits expect to be accomplished?

11:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


It didn't take long did it?

In between reading what you wrote about more of our squaddies still to lose their lives in Afghanisatan, and posting this ~ I learned this:

British soldier dies in Helmand

But Brown and Bush are OK.........

11:34 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Brown's already said British troop numbers in Afghanistan will be drastically increased. Obama has said the same of US troops. Iraq is the only place they can get them from.
Gordon Brown is behaving more despicably by the hour. He's become Britain's George W Bush.

1:11 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish an UNhappy Christmas and a lousy New Year to Brown, Bush and all their bloodthirsty friends and followers. To Tony Blair too, and all his ilk.

To everyone else I wish nothing but well.

1:38 pm  
Blogger Nevin said...

It's all about control and power. By being in Afghanistan, both Britain and the USA get to control the Oil pipelines over there and be close to Russia and China. It's win win...

The world is a big chess game, you move your pieces as the game takes a turn to your advantage or disadvantage. Both Bush and Brown/Blair are making the best move for themselves and their respective countries betterment. In the expense of others of course... I am sure they are not loosing their sleep over how many people died or will die....

There are 2 types of people in this world... Those who have it and those who don't. Those who have it do not question how come they have it but those who don't dwell on it day and night.... Does the average joe ever ask how come my water runs every morning, how come my electricity is on every night, how come my streets are great and my schools perfect. NO! they just live.... While in the "South", children are picking garbage and looking for the next meal in the streets with bare foot.

Of course there plenty conscious "Northerns" who question the system and wonder how it can be changed. But the rich and the powerful at the top will not give up their power all that easily... So the cycle of violance and blood shed continues...

Such as life.... :( expect as George Monbiot of the Guardian newspaper said, "Let's rally for a world parliament"....

2:15 pm  

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