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12 June 2005

Keep taking the tablets ?

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It's not just the so called War on Terror that continues causing so many needless deaths. Iraq and Afghanistan aren't the only places where untold numbers of us - the mere munchkins - are quite literally, dying to make fat cats even fatter.

Untold numbers of us and our nearest & dearest are endangered on a daily basis, in the supposed safety of our own homes. If you can bring yourself to stomach some more shock and awe, read this. It's enough to make anyone feel sick.

Vital data on prescription medicines found in millions of British homes has been suppressed by the powerful US drug regulators, even though the information could potentially save lives.

So say Roger Dobson and Jeanne Lenzer, in today's UK Independent newspaper. Then they go on to say much more.

... under pressure from the pharmaceutical industry, the American Food and Drug Administration routinely conceals information it considers commercially sensitive

Dr Peter Juni, one of the team of Swiss investigators who helped to expose the risk of the new-generation drugs, claims his efforts were obstructed by the FDA.


Hundreds of years ago in England, an infamous highwayman called Dick Turpin regularly held up stagecoaches. Shoving his lethal loaded musket into poor unsuspecting passenger's faces, he invariable said the same thing: "Stand and deliver! Your money or your life?" What a make-your-mind-up ultimatum. Eh? Talk about Hobson's choice.

It seems things are now going backwards instead of forwards. Forget about people's personal safety. Who the hell wants to know about their well being? Certainly, not today's corporate drug lords.

Relieving folk of as much of their money as possible still matters most, just as it did in the bad old days. Though there is a variation on the theme. Instead of old English highwaymen or wild west outlaws asking you to choose between your money or your life, it's now the pharma-bandits who appear equally prepared to do likewise.

Some extremely serious side effects of many common drugs still being sold, seem to be more life threatening than the maladies they are meant to treat. Yet, we still get the Hobson's choice of times gone by.

I mean, what about our continued well being? Forget it. Either, meekly accept their no-choice option - or forget it. Big fat-pharma-profits rule the roost. Sick people play second fiddle.

Read the full Independent article and be shocked by the list of familiar medications mentioned -- and be in awe of some of the awful possibilities.

But first, here's a health warning. Even if you feel fine right now - after hitting the link below your blood pressure could go straight through the roof.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Richard: Thanks for the pointer. My doc had recently precribed Parexotine telling real side effects, no addiction but I realise today they cant know everything about every drug and the drug co. keeps info back too so I havent taken it. Ev

10:26 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Hello Eveline, it is so nice to 'see' you here.

I'm glad you spotted something that could save you some possible future problems. [ I hope you're keeping well, too.]

Incidentally, instead of keeping it as a 'draft'untill finished - I published this piece a little too soon. It needed altering a little & then editing.

It should look a little less rambling/disjointed and flow a bit more sensibly now. ;^)

10:40 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Eveline, I meant to mention this: I don't mean to sugest anyone should stop taking medication they may genuinely need - just that it's more advisable than ever now - to suss out ALL the options before blindly accepting anything they choose to just throw at you.

Of course, I'm sure you'd already realised this.

11:06 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Richard,
I came hear a month or so ago through a link at James Wolcott's blog & have been popping in ever since, for your POV. Both my husband & I are ex-pats Brits, & like to get a another perspective on the news in the UK.

Another problem with prescription drugs is the massive amounts of advertising & entertaining Big Pharma aims at the medical profession, i.e. the prescription gatekeepers. No one can convince me that doctors are completely immune to all that pressure, especially when there are so many new drugs coming out all the time.

On the subject of prescription drugs, I thought you might be interested in an in depth report, Seniors & Drugs: Prescribed to death, done by the CBC [Canadian Broadcasting Corporation] earlier this year. As the title suggests their primary focus was both over & inappropriate prescribing for Canadian seniors [OAPs]. You'll find all sorts info here, including links to an extensive data base on adverse drug reaction reports as well as a comprehensive list of drugs considered to be ineffective or thought to put seniors at unnecessarily high risk when safer alternatives are available.

BTW, I'm glad to see you've changed the formatting somewhat & are now using block quotes etc., certainly helps your blog posts flow much better, thus making it much easier to read, thanks.


1:26 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oops! Preview is my friend... hear=here!


1:28 am  
Blogger Richard said...

It's nice of you to call, Cee. Heh. Don't leave it so long between visits again. Heh.

I agree entirely about doctors not being completely imune; even the good ones are only human.

That link you've given looks extremely interesting and should be appreciated by many other readers too. Thanks a lot. You may have seen I've just posted a blogpiece saying I'm off on holiday for a fortnight or so. I'm bookmarking your link and will definitely study it fully once I'm back.

About the new formating - you're right. I can even follow it better myself. Incidentally, the credit for the tech help in changing it should go my US blogger friend, Elaine Supkis, from The Culture of Life News 11.

And, boy! Is Elaine one very busy woman!

(If you look in here, Elaine - thanks again!)

1:59 am  
Blogger JulieDee said...

Hi Richard. As a chronic pain patient (as well as a chronic pain in the ass) this is a subject near and dear to my heart! At my Chronic Pain Support Cadre it is a regular subject of discussion. Prescription drug costs, insurance costs, medical treatment costs all are heavy weights pressing on us daily.

Now, in California we have the Religious Reich with the help of the Far Reich doing their level best to roll back our domestic partner benefits here which is what allows me to be carried under Andrea's health insurance. Without that I don't know WHAT I will do! The medications I need to keep my pain under enough control to keep me from committing suicide 'would run us a ruinous $3,400 a MONTH!!!! And that doesn't even take into account the other drugs I need to stay alive! The steroids for my breathing are OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive! And I don't DARE miss a dose if I want to continue breathing!!! Gee... wonder if that could have anything to do with getting regularly splashed and misted with uncut Agent Orange in 73&74? NAW... the VA says it couldn't POSSIBLY be the case! After all, they only allowed men in their Agent Orange studies, that PROVES it! GEEZE!

8:32 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

I feel for you, Julidee.

While our NHS is by no means perfect, it's about as close as anyone's likely to get. God only knows where we'd be without it.

Come to think of it, I know myself. A lot more of us would be just plain dead!

Also, I feel your [chronic] pain. Really. For the last nine years now, I've been a chronic pain sufferer, myself.

11:06 pm  

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