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15 June 2009

Iranian protesters chase police away from BBC crew: UPDATED

Brave protesters protect journalists so that the world can see what's really happening inside Iran (incident begins about 2 minutes in):

Interestingly, conservatives
Richard Perle, Frank Gaffney, and Mitt Romney are saying that Ahmadinejad won the election through fraud, and that he won the election because of Obama's new policy of engagement and diplomacy with hostile regimes.

So which is it? Did Ahmadinejad win because Iranians concluded that his confrontational foreign policy is effective, or did he have to rig the vote?

It would appear that Obama's overtures helped swing the vote against Ahmadinejad, which is why his supporters had to engage in election fraud. In the days after Obama's speech in Cairo, Ahmadinejad
fell behind in national polling.

UPDATE: Ahmadinejad (in white) was surrounded by students at Sharrif University in Tehran and had to climb on top of his car to escape:

Apparently, the crowd is yelling Mousavi, Mousavi, Mousavi. At the end, they begin yelling 'doorogh gou!', which means, "liar".

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