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13 June 2009

Change?! Sorry : some things never do will

Okay. We know.

It's an old one and it's a corny one. But we're gonna tell it again anyway.

"Whadaya mean there's no demand?

Don't dare moan to me about no demand.

It's the job of salesmen to create demand"...

... said the sales manager of the big, baby buggy and pram manufacturing firm as he scolded his salesmen.
And then there's this.

Get the picture?

Understand what we're saying?

Or do some still need a different damned diagram?

You know, something lots & lots simpler?

Say, for instance, something such as an "In Praise of Instigated International Instabilities ~ for Dummies," diagram?

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Anonymous bootlean. said...

You know the old saying, Richard. There's money in misery.

So, it's always some people's job to create misery where there isn't any. After all, business is business you know.

10:09 pm  

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