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22 May 2009

This Old Brit Shipwrecked... well, almost...

Pictured ~ P&O's "Pride of Kent."

A week ago tonight we arrived back home from what was meant to have been a bit of breather from blogging and the like. You know, a week away from it all. A well earned break.

And, all at our own expense ~ not that of the long suffering, serially screwed, undervalued and underpaid, poor British taxpayers.

So, at the start of the week we'd smilingly set off in the sunshine for several days sightseeing in the south and, as a special treat, a sail across to France.

Sounds nice, eh?

Don't you bloody believe it.






Haven't we told you time & time again that we're both natural born survivors?

*(Cross posted across at 'appletree')

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes! Rather you than me mister.

2:16 am  
Anonymous bootlean said...

Bloody hell, Richard! Hope you're both over it now. Especially poor Rhona.

Trust you to photograph it all though. You never cease to amaze me, mate.

10:01 am  

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