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24 July 2005

PCs or not PCs, that is the question ...

All over the internet as well as the world's mainstream media, the words of the witnesses to the 'bumping off' an innocent Brazilian in London, are being echoed ad infinitum. Which is all very well in one way. For everyone should be made acutely aware of how bad things have become. Not least, for those unfortunates who find themselves now facing a terrible twin-threat.

I mean, of course, the not-white-enoughs and not-wealthy-enoughs. Those who can't afford to live in so called respectable areas, nor to buy well tailored, well fitting, good quality clothing. For it's now perfectly plain to see that it's this section of the community who are trapped between the biggest rock and the hardest place. They're at the mercy of the evil bastards who don't give a damn about whoever it is they're dishing death out to daily -- and they're also at the mercy of our alleged protectors.

But to get back to those witnesses; I don't accept that they saw what they said they did.

No. Really! Sorry, 'fraid not.

I don't believe for a single minute that any British policeman blew this poor Brazilian's brains out. I believe that, as is so often the case with witnesses, they're reporting what they 'think' they saw -- albeit in good faith. The cold blooded murder undeniably took place but, as for putting the finger on the proper perpetrator[s] I sincerely suggest it's a simple case of mistaken identity.

I believe what truly took place in front of these traumatised train travelers was actually an SAS operation -- going to hell in a hideous handbasket.

Apologies aplenty are abounding from the Metropolitan Police Commissioner[s] and from both the British Home Secretary and Foreign Secretary -- but at the time of writing it is still shockingly noticeable that none have been heard from Blair.

Something else is plainly [and amazingly] missing here. It is the absolutely standard declaration, whenever policemen kill -- "The officer involved has been suspended from duties, pending further investigation." As glaring omissions go this one rates 10 - on a scale of 10.

Most British policeman, though admittedly not all, are genuinely well disciplined. And without exception they realise that the full weight of the very law they're required to uphold, soon descends upon themselves if they step outside it.

Modern British policemen are well paid and enjoy plenty of extra perks. Most, are far from fools. Being booted off the force means the beginning of the end as far as any further decent job prospects go. Also, they realise more than most of us, the full folly of ever finding themselves imprisoned. Any time a policeman's sentenced to serve a jail term, it's certain to be 'hard' time -- with a capital "T".

So it's self evident, or should be, that only a total plonker of a policeman would put FIVE bullets into a man's skull, under the very noses of several independent witnesses. There is absolutely no possibility of any plausible defence for such a serious act, and not many know this better than policemen do.

The SAS are a different breed. They play by nobody's rules but their own, and they're answerable to nobody. They know it, I know it, their brass knows it, the police know it, the courts know it and even [or especially] the ruling monarch knows it. The SAS motto is "Who Dares Wins." So, they do dare. And even when they're proven to have been wrong -- they still win. Because, I repeat, they play their game by a different set of rules.

If our military, or any part of it, is now being allowed to become judge, juror and executioner then why doesn't our pretend-premier go the whole hog? Why not have done with civilian judiciary and police all together? Many of us could even find we eventually benefited from such changes. Including the British soldiers currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan

Our capital city is now quite literally under sustained attack. Innocent people on their way to do an honest day's work are now being blown to bits by a bunch of evil bastards, on a seemingly weekly basis. And neither our politicians, police, nor what now passes for our [once unrivaled] intelligence services, appear capable of carrying out their respective duties. So what's left to try?

Perhaps we would all be safer and better served in several respects by having British troops patrol our own streets instead of Iraq's and Afghanistan's. Eh? I for one would place more much faith & trust in our ordinary soldiers, and offer them much more support than I ever would in the case of psycho, SAS sociopaths.


That such a shocking state of affairs has lately been allowed to develop in Britain is nothing less than one almighty and damning indictment of our current leaders utter incompetence. They have insisted since the start of the super-simpleton across the Atlantic's abominable adventures across half the globe, that it's best we stand shoulder to shoulder with the insane sob. Well, some of us are prepared come right out and say it isn't best. Others won't say it - but nonetheless know it. Just as we all know that this pathetic pair of pillocks presenting themselves as prime minister and president respectively, are inept beyond imagination.

Think about it. They're both promising their people that the only way to prevail is to do it their way. That the only possible path to peace - is war. My God, surely such nonsense belongs only in some kind of 'Alice Through The 1984 Looking Glass' paperback.

Blair and Bush have been doing it their bloody way - yet they've managed only to make matters worse.

There was a time, and This Old Brit remembers it, when such lousy & loosing leaders would do the honourable thing; admit their failings then fall on their swords. Of course, that was when there still was such a thing as honour amongst politicians. Nowadays they're perfectly prepared to put anyone and everyone to the sword -- except them-self-righteous-selves.

Blair should do the whole world a favour. He should simply tell his crazy, Quixotic cowboy friend from Crawford to climb into his saddle and ride into the sunset -- along with himself.


Blogger noel adamson said...

Hi Richard

As much as I would like to see Bush, Bin Ladin and Blair hanged by the neck 'til dead they are only the figure heads, not even the managers, and it would do no more good than the demise of former figurheads of fascism such as Hitler did and in fact serve as an escape valve to divert attention away from the real culprets for whom these evil ninnies work as it did at the end of WW2. The 50,000,000 dead and savagely tortured, from the children that werec reucified in front of their parents in the Ukraine to the Gypsies, Jews and indigent who were tortured and murdered were owed at least that much. The "disappeared" in Central and South America were owed more than an out of hand pardon and promotions for it's authors. The list goes way on. These are primarily our devils, American demons we should have dealt with a long long time ago rather than, as consummers, becoming partners in their crimes.

Not only should Prescott Bush, "W"'s grandpappy, and others directly above Hitler in the corporate chain of command been hanged at Nuremberg but those in who's employ they luxuriated such as his father-in-law George Herbert Walker, Henry Ford, the Du Ponts and the rest. The blood of many tens of millions and the impoverishment of billions are on their heads and ours for allowing it.

They have been given enough rope and they are hanging themselves with it as is the nature of greed and arrogance but they are taking us with them as is the nature of evil.

1:37 am  
Blogger Administrator said...

Excellent piece, Richard.

This incident upsets me more than almost any other, because, as you point out, it demonstrates how lost we are. Not that other deaths aren't equally tragic.

but - - - don't be olive-skinned. Don't be poor.

3:35 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to ask some dumb questions. Is the SAS a department of the British government? Is it international? I guess it would not be the equivalent of our CIA unless it is a part of the British intelligence services. Just who do they work for? Are they hired thugs of some corporate power and not under any government control? Is this what we mean when we use the term "Black Ops"?

Did the Brazilian kid know something or see something he should not have seen? Something he HAD to be absolutely silenced for?
It is impossible to believe such a killing in this manner was a "random mistake" by any one.

I guess I've got more questions than answers.

10:55 am  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

The ongoing militarization of the police which I address on my blog a lot, too, is a real problem for democracies. You can't really be a democracy if you are also a police state.

Freedom means some chaos. Chaos can be creative. Most places that opt for police control end up like North Korea.

11:41 am  
Blogger Richard said...

I agree there are far worse culprits pulling the strings, Noel. But, that's no excuse not keep going for those we can indentify. If & when we recognise any of the others, we must do the same.

It's a job for life, trying to slow then down, hold them back, make them accountable, make them face the music, etc .

"They" spend every day doing their dirty work, so we must do the same.

8:17 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Rosemary, the SAS is [full title] The Special Air Service. It's 100 military. They are called the "elite". They are black-ops, assassins, saboteurs, crack-shots, expolosive experts, super-fit, super-survivalists, martial arts masters, and the westerm world's equivalent to suicide-missionaries. They're the ones that make most of the undercover reccies prior to more 'official' attacks being launched, anywhere. (They are also trained to kill swiftly and silently with their bare hands.) In fact, they're everything awful you could imagine - all rolled into one.

Incidentally, at the begining of the Iraq war, Bush wanted [almost demanded] use of the whole of the SAS. My memory fails me right now but, I think he eventually got [the loan of] between a third and a half of them.

They make the CIA, FBI, Seals, M15, M16 and even the Mossad - look like a bunch of soft hearted amateurs.

Get the picture?

8:30 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Lates is that the Brazilian was shot EIGHT times - [at point blank range - while already restrained & imobilised by several 'pusuers' who'd piled on top of him.] Seven in the head and one in the shoulder.

Rumours are already flying now, as to whether or not this was to 'dissapear' the face and make the remains impossible to recognise. Who knows anything anymore - nothing's imposible - nor improbable - I'm afraid to say

8:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Richard, it's just horrifying.

9:42 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:54 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

*it demonstrates how lost we are.

How right you are, Cosmic. We're hopelessly lost.

You too, Harper. It's horrifying, alright.

It's a nightmare. It would have been too far fetched to believe if a sci-fi screenwriter had penned it.

Imagine - ** "The War of the Abstract Nouns" ** - Horror takes on Terror. ~ This Week, coming to a venue near you! ~ A BlairBush-Bloodbrothers production.

9:56 pm  
Blogger noel adamson said...

Murdering innocent people is the equivalent of fighting with your Grandma's panties there Anonymous. So is typing in all caps. Successful fighting is more far more about intelligence than wild brutish flailing or giving vent to repressed saddistic fetishes.

10:23 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Let's not refer to Anonymous as anonymous, Noel. Let's be formal. Let's be intelligent.

Let's refer to him/her as "68.63.113#" - and let's file under "comcast".


10:34 pm  
Blogger noel adamson said...

If I were from Mobile Alabama I would want to remain anonymous too. Just another Foghorn, the kind of big rooster who gives America's deep south a bad name and the world a lot of trouble.

11:21 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to clarify something, I am not that anon. My name is Sandra, I just can't allow cookies on my PC (my firewall hates them). I apologise for my fellow countryman's ignornant statements based on his on biases(the press here is very bad and biased) I personally love all regardless of race or nation and am dual national that has traveled and lived in many nations

Anywhoo, your statements were dead on and the most worrying. I think this hit a lot of people that were living in denial about what has been going on hard. It has made some of them have to face some incredible ugly facts. Of course the US media is now employing what is listed in the memo above. So they are going back to sleep, all is well it's just those evil Arabs.

God help us.

3:18 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you, Richard, for the clarifications. I guess I had to hear it spelled out to believe it could really be true.

But when you think about what happened, it's obvious.

1:56 pm  
Blogger noel adamson said...

I can tell the difference Sandra and I don't think anyone here has a proplem with anonymous posts in general.

7:26 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Sandra, like Noel said, the difference is obvious - so, welcome!

As for any apologies concerning the neanderthal - there are none needed - we have our own share of them in the UK - so understand completely.

Rosemary [and everyone else] I just spotted a typo -- when I said the SAS were 100 military, I meant 100% military.

10:23 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

great job.

6:45 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

My pleasure, mondo. Thanks.

7:47 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:16 am  

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