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20 July 2005

Ken Livingstone .... Mayor of London .... lets loose .....

Ken Livingstone.

Mayor of London.

There was a time in what now seems like the distant past when This Old Brit, like lots of others, looked upon Ken Livingstone as a member of the 'loony-left'. That was long before he ever became Mayor of London, of course.

Over the years though, as old 'Red' Ken [as he was once called] gradually moved more to the centre -- This Old Brit moved further & further from the right - to the left. And it seems that somewhere along the line we both met and/or merged - at least, our minds did.

That is not to say that there aren't still certain subjects upon which we beg differ. After all, only the very vainest or most misled amongst us imagine infallibility - in anyone. Having said that, I can't see much evidence of anything he's said this week, to the BBC, meriting anything worse than millions of nods of agreement. Take a peek at this and see what you think.

Mayor blames Middle East policy

Decades of British and American intervention in the oil-rich Middle East motivated the London bombers, Ken Livingstone has suggested.

The London mayor told BBC News he had no sympathy with the bombers and he opposed all violence.

But he argued that the attacks would not have happened had Western powers left Arab nations free to decide their own affairs after World War I.

Instead, they had often supported unsavoury governments in the region.
The fact of the matter is, This Old Brit could just as easily have used those exact words when addressing the same issues. Indeed, the probability is that he already has - on numerous occasions - and continues to do so - and no doubt will again in the future.

Here's another piece of old Ken's mind - so to speak.

"And I think the particular problem we have at the moment is that in the 1980s... the Americans recruited and trained Osama Bin Laden, taught him how to kill, to make bombs, and set him off to kill the Russians and drive them out of Afghanistan.

"They didn't give any thought to the fact that once he'd done that he might turn on his creators."
Well, that's something else I can't disagree with, Mr Mayor. Many, many millions including myself have been saying the same, for years. Sadly, some still haven't heard us - while others merely pretend they haven't. Sadder still, there are those who do hear but, clearly still can't quite comprehend. Then, there's the 'none so deaf as those who will not listen' lot - so what's the point of wasting any further words on them?

Right? .... Right! .... There ain't .... so I won't.

Anyway, here's a last little excerpt cut & pasted from the BBC website.

Mr Livingstone said he did not just denounce suicide bombers.

He also denounced "those governments which use indiscriminate slaughter to advance their foreign policy, as we have occasionally seen with the Israeli government bombing areas from which a terrorist group will have come, irrespective of the casualties it inflicts, women, children and men".

He continued: "Under foreign occupation and denied the right to vote, denied the right to run your own affairs, often denied the right to work for three generations, I suspect that if it had happened here in England, we would have produced a lot of suicide bombers ourselves."
This Old Brit suspects Mr Mayor's right again, too. Don't you?

Now, hit the link to read the rest.


Blogger noel adamson said...

Amen to that simple truth.

A truth that the power's that have usurped democracy, freedom and even the most basic decency have had to work overtime to hide. That this was reported on the BBC is the best part of this news. The propaganda machines used to justify the slaughter and domination of the militarily and economicaly weak is massive and it is to the credit of the people of the mid east that they have martyred themselves under our yoke for so long with so little of the sort of violence that we have seen since the Empowerment of Osama and Al Queda, the base, actually, originally the CIA database used to store the information on the Jihadists during their fight with the "Godless Commies" in Afghanistan back in the days of Reagan (Bush I), the "Moral Majority", John Negroponte and Batallion 316. In central America.

It would not be surrender or treason to leave the middle east, taking our traitors with us for their protection against a Pol Pot type of revenge and put Bush Blair and Bin Laden on trial for crimes against humanity. Finish the job that the Nurenberg trials failed to finish in the case of Prescott Bush, the Dulles brothers and the people who owned their souls.

That might be a start at regaining our collective souls and a start at making the world a place fit for truley civilized people to prosper in.

As Bob Dylan said of those evil bastards in "Masters of War" "...even Jesus would never forgive what you do."

1:32 am  
Blogger Administrator said...

God. A politician with an actual, um, set, if you know what I mean.

Thanks for linking to this article. I was making the argument with someone today, namely that OBL is a creation of the CIA. If I had any spare money right now, I'd go to London. Actually maybe I'd wait 'til October.

I think I'll find Mayor Livingston's email address and write to him. Tony Blair should be hanging his head right about now - but he's taking hubris lessons from across the pond.

2:26 am  
Blogger Richard said...


I think that's a wonderful idea to send a message of support. Here's a couple of Livingstone related sites I think you'll find very helpful & interesting.

And here's a bio of the man himself. As you'll see, he's always been a thorn in Blair's side.

12:07 pm  
Blogger Richard said...


I couldn't agree more, with all that you've posted.

[ But, what's new, eh? Heh. :^) ]

12:09 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's a relief to hear a politician speak with understanding of the problem and its roots rather than spending all his time covering his behind (like Blair this morning).

1:47 am  
Blogger Administrator said...

Thanks for the links, Richard. Not your typical politician bios, either. The House Of Representatives reaffirmed the Patriot Act in order to make it permanent law. The London bombings made them do it. Despite getting older, I am nonetheless amazed at how the egos of those in power must be stoked and protected at any cost. Thank heaven that there still are a few people sufficiently detached from BushBlair willing to speak out.

12:52 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Harper & Cosmic,

Too true, it IS a relief and thank heaven, indeed. It's a shame there aren't many more like Livingstone and Galloway. Although we shouldn't forget people like Robin Cook, Claire Short and Michael Meacher. They are all still standing up and saying what need to be said. Of course, they're not given the publicity they should be - unless it's some kind of ridicule, of the 'spun' sort.

As for the Patriot Act - words fail me. Maybe now, "THEY" won't hate us so much 0 because with each passing day we all have less freedom - which is supposed to be what "THEY" hate about us most. Well, according to Crawford-creep anyway. (/sarcasm )

5:22 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

We will all end up in 1984 at this rate.

10:49 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

* We will all end up in 1984 at this rate *

Dunno about "will" Elaine - I think maybe we already "have".

11:44 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the commentary on Livingston and the links, Richard!

I need those reminders that there are sane people in positions of leadership.... otherwise, I often have to just step away 'cause I just can't take any more outrage.

Interesting that YOU originally found Livingston to be too far out of the mainstream, calling him part of the "loony-left". That says a lot about your own evolution. (and mine as well).

12:19 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, and I tend to agree with your take on 1984 "maybe we already are [there]."

12:21 am  
Blogger Richard said...

* That says a lot about your own evolution. (and mine as well).

Great minds & all that jazz maybe, Rosemary. Oh, and they do say that wisdom increases with years, don't they. Eh?

11:42 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

2:36 pm  

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