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05 July 2005

Brit bites back at Chirac ...

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Jacques Chirac can criticize the likes of Bush and Blair until he turns blue in the face, as far as This Old Brit is concerned. But when he decides to get personal and attack the British people as a whole, This Old Brit is the ideal fellow to put the pratt in his proper place.

So, leeesten verrreee carefully Jacques, I shall say zeeess only once. Fermez votre grand bouche!

In case you haven't heard, the big Frenchman has just gone right over the top. As he struts his stuff towards Scotland and the G8 meeting to talk about the world's starving millions while filling his own fat face full of the finest fare to be had, he's once again been opening his big loud mouth - way, way too wide.

Still smarting over his latest series of hissy-hissy straps with Blair, he's started slagging off we Brits as whole. Claiming everything the English eat is crap. Including our best British beef. Mad cow chow on a platter, insinuates the big gormless Gaul.

He's also been silly enough to stir things up with his upcoming hosts, the Scots. Haggis is horrible, Chirac's very publicly announced.

Well, I for one say that's really bloody rich! A Frenchman criticizing British eating habits?

Mon Dieu monsieur, that you of all people should dare to spout such senseless, stupid shit.

Lessons in what we ought to eat - from you? You have absolutely got to be joking, you continental clown. If it wasn't so patheticaly hilarious it could be construed as serious.

Advice on food, from somebody who feeds franticaly on frogs? Somebody who wallows in the serial swallowing of smelly, slimy snails? Somebody who habitually hogs himself out on horse meat? Somebody who consistently gorges on garlic? Somebody who personally stinks as strongly as the 'orrible onions almost oozing from his every orifice?

Not to mention the fact that if it weren't for the likes of This Old Brit's brave, late father and uncles, Chirac & his crazy crew would be writing their so called, cordon-bleu menus in ruddy German.

Furthermore, the unspeakably obscene cruelties inflicted on live French geese to satisfy their pseudo aristo cravings for patte de foie gras, is quite beyond belief.

Below, lies the link to the proof. But be warned. It is most certainly not suitable for consumption by those with sensitive stomachs.


Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

Scotch was invented so the haggis could be eaten, Richard! How to dine in Scotland: become piss drunk, pass out, then wolf down the haggis!

We got as a gift, "Haggis in a can" once as a joke, ahem. Want some? I'll send it over...

Of course, we should talk. Ever eat that great American dinner, jello with Koolaid? No? With marshmallows, no less! Great dining!

2:57 am  
Blogger Administrator said...

Wow. Smack Chirac, I guess.

BTW, Richard, my dad was in England during the war. He loved it. He always wanted to go back. Some day I shall return in his stead. I have English ancestry on my mother's side, but they left in 1630s. (Puritans - we all have a few skeletons in the closet)

August 25, 1944. Ring any bells, Jacques?

4:38 am  
Blogger Richard said...


It seems it is just NOT Chirac's week. Heh. The Brits have beaten him AGAIN. We've just been awarded the the 2012 Olympic Games. We saw off Paris, Madrid, Moscow and New York.

As for remembering dates CR, their are quite a few he prefers to forget.

Er ... Elaine .... heh .... as for the 'national dishes' you mention .... erm .... no comment. Heh. ;^)

1:54 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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3:05 am  

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