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06 May 2005

Begining of the end, for Blair ...

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Britain's general election took place yesterday. My dream was that Labour would retain power; albeit with a greatly reduced majority. And, that the Liberal Democrats would do well. Ideally, I hoped they'd get enough parliamentry seats to give them a very strong bargaining position. Well, it seems my dreams came true. As a bonus, Michael 'Dracula' Howard, the Conservative leader, has today announced he's standing down.

There are still a few results pending; it's all over bar the shouting though. The overall outcome isn't going to change. Tony Blair's ever growing, Pinocchio-nose, proved to be too easy a target. A target so big, it had become virtually impossible to miss. The British voting public took aim, fired and -- BANG -- bulls-eye!

A Conservative victory would have brought no better a government for the UK, than Blair & his crony's had. Almost certainly, a worse one, in fact. Charles Kennedy's Liberal Democrats were never going to come out number one -- well, not this time. The majority of UK voters understood this. That's why this year has seen, probably the most sophisticated, tactically-fought election, ever.

The bottom line is, no matter what spin the Blair boys & babes are bound to spout -- their dear Tone has lost his party almost 100 seats -- inside 15 hours! That means almost 100 of their parliamentary party mates woke up this morning -- sacked/fired/kaput! Unemployed, jobless, on the dole, kicked off the gravy train; call it what you will.

The British people have shown they still hold considerable power. They've shown they don't ALL have defectively short memories. They've said loud & clear that they'll no longer have their intelligence insulted.

With 62 seats, it's not since the nineteen twenties, under Llyod George, that the Liberals have been in such a strong position. Interestingly, it was the then newly emerging, new-fangled Labour party who were the 'third party' in those days; the Liberals ruled.

My own constituency's Labour MP, the arse licking, Blair-Babe, Clair Curtis Thomas, managed to hold her seat, but her share of the vote was down 6.5%. The Lib Dems grabbed a 4.5% increase from that loss.

Special congratulations must go to ex Labour MP, George Galloway. He was the first MP [of any party] brave enough to stand up in Parliament and call Blair a liar, straight to his face -- long before Michael Howard did. What a price Galloway paid, though. The 'Dept of Dirty Tricks' sprung into overdrive. M16 helped Blair's government do it's worst. In Galloway they found a man who took the gloves off; a bare knucle, politcal street-fighter if ever there was one. He couldn't be allowed to go on the way he was -- daring to take on and expose the stinking 'system'. Not for him the old school style, debating society. He said it how it was. He pulled no punches. Had he been in America, he'd have been 'Wellstoned' -- take my word for it.

For his pains, he was vilified then crucified. All manner of allegations of treason, etc, were hurled at him by the Blair bunch. Documents 'proving' he was on Sadam's payroll were 'found' - in the rubble of Iraq. Documents which were later proved to be forgeries. They'd been 'found', just like the infamous passport atop the WTC , 9/11 rubble. The Iraq 'find' was made 'accidentally' by a journalist, who just happened to work for the shadowy 'establishment's' [un]official organ -- The Daily Telegraph. Later, after assasinating Galloway's character and horribly humiliating the man himself, he was denied the Labour whip, and kicked out of the party.

Well, he went away, licked and healed his wounds, then planned his revenge. He started a new, virtually one-man-band, party -- the anti-war party "Respect". Last night, he returned to parliment, in triumph. He ousted a sitting New-Labour MP; a real Blair-Babe. In his acceptance speech, he was as bold as ever: " This is for Iraq, Tony Blair," he said. He also railed about "All the lives you[Blair] have lost. All the lies you have told." Adding:" The best thing the Labour Party can do -- is sack [fire] you!"

I'm certain, that only for fear of invalidating/spoiling their votes, millions of others would have attached exactly those sentiments to their poll papers yesterday.

It's been a hectic few days; it's been a veritable, whirlwind of a 48 hour period. There's still lots I've not mentioned. Watch this space .......................

Oh, I almost forgot; one more thing. Thanks for all your help, George Bush. We couldn't have hoped to bloody Blair's nose, nor clipped his wings the way we have, without you. Thank you for being such a brilliant 'uniter'. Ha!


Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

One third of the votes gave Labor half of the seats...ahem.

NO ENDORSEMENT of their policies!

Dragging Blair back from the abyss: the New Yorker has this long Blair interview. It was rather amusing. The poor dear thinks he can shame Bush into doing good things if only we are patient with that horse whanker.

5:40 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

One third of the votes gave Labor half of the seats...ahem.

NO ENDORSEMENT of their policies!

Too true, Elaine. This kind of thing always happens and always will - unless there's 'proportional representation' - which I'm a great believer in.

6:17 pm  
Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

A head's up, Richard!

I just got an email from John Pitt, one of my readers. He just visited your blog and loves it.

You will be picking up fans sure as the sun rises in the morning! I am so pleased.

11:18 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Oooh, that sounds very nice. Thanks, Elaine. If you see this, then thank you too, John Pitt.

12:09 am  

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