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26 April 2005

Boy-men ...

Lorraine Kelly

No sooner has the shitty Schwartznegger started slagging off American women again, than another of his 'boy-men' ilk, comes to the UK shooting off his stupid mouth.

Pictured above is Lorraine Kelly, Britain's favourite 'mum-next-door' television presenter. She co-hosts ITV's flagship live morning show, 'This Morning'. She's about as down to earth, self effacing and un-showbizzy as it's possible to be in her business. Really.

Yesterday morning, Monday 25th April, one of the programme's guests was the American actor, hell-raiser and serial self abuser, Robert Downey Jr.

"Junior" ?! Well, he certainly got that right.

The genial host warmly welcomed Downey on behalf of her millions strong, audience. "You look really well, " she said.

And the dick-headed, dim-witted, Downey's reply? On live, breakfast time, national television?

"Thanks. I was just gonna say, your tits look great too."

Obviously taken aback, embarrassed and flustered, Ms Kelly struggled for words for a while. But being a proper professional - unlike the sorry excuse for a guest - she eventually composed herself and continued. " Oh ... erm ... oh ... good. Well, erm, I'm glad I've made you happy."

Happy?! I don't think so. I'd say quite the reverse. I'd say, he's still as sad a sack of shit as he ever was.

Don't these guys ever grow up?


Blogger Elaine Supkis said...

He sounds like he should be working with Bolton at the UN. "Diplomacy for Dummies" explains how to talk to women too.

I also give free lessons at home. Usually after a few tries, guys figure out what hurts and what doesn't hurt...heh.

10:36 pm  
Blogger Richard said...

Ouch! Heh. BTW, I like your new avatar -- AND your lap-top PC. One of these days I'm going to get one too ......... one of these days ......

11:52 pm  

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